Friday, November 30, 2012

Lots of Announcements and Seasonal Exchange

Hi everyone, how are you all doing?  Are we getting that seasonal spirit by the bucketful yet or are we feeling bah humbuggy about the whole thing.

I'm feeling the pressure at little at the moment.  I finished another Christmas Present today and have just one more to go: I have a couple of other things nearly finished so will show you those hopefully tomorrow or the next day!

I have a few announcements to share and am hoping some of you will pop along and support them as only the crafty blogging community can!

The first is my Year of the RAK. To thank you all for your support during my walk with cancer I decided some time ago that I would like to spend the year sending RAKs: little items sent with love and thought to make someone smile, just as even when the days seemed very dark here, you guys managed to make me smile.  2013 is going to be the year of the RAK.  Some of you guys have caught on or it may be a case of great minds thinking alike.  One of us decided to go a step further and organise us RAKers with a blog just for people who wish to take part in sending and possibly receiving an RAK.

Random acts of stitching kindness is a blog which has been set up by Angela and I was honored to be asked to join in.  Of course I will!  Pop along and have a look.  It is a great idea to organise our RAKS.  I won't just be sending RAKs to members of this blog.  If you wish to be on my private list, please click the RAKS label on the right hand side of my blog and follow the instructions.  RAKS won't always be cross stitched but they will make a nice change from the bills and spam mail we get through the post these days.

It seems the Season of the RAK is spilling over into other areas of life as well.  I was almost in tears when I saw a new york police man buy a homeless man shoes, unaware that a tourist was filming his actions.  The video has gone viral and can be seen here:Film Clip

As some of you may know, I was trying to lose weight with a well known diet club.  Sadly I cannot justify the 9 euros it costs to be weighed so stopped going. It was also on my quilting club night so hey, what's a girl meant to do?
Obviously the creativity is going to come first!

Vickie is hosting a weight loss challenge!  I have joined in and it seems to be working very well wih some help from a certain website: pop over to her blog to check it out.

Finally, I agreed some time ago to join in with a seasonal challenge with Parsley.  I was chosen to be her Spring exchange.  Well, as I was unravelling my crochet wool I got to think.  What about summer, autumn and winter?  Seems silly not to have an exchange partner for them. So do you fancy taking part in a seasonal exchange?

I am looking for one person for each season
Winter (November -December 2013),  Summer (July - August 2013), Fall (October- September -2013). 

Guidelines: Send one handmade craft and a minimum of $15 worth of items from the person's wish list (mine is 123 stitch: you can do the same or have a wishlist on your blog) and/or areas of interest. Shipping costs not included. Please be aware that I live in Ireland and I can practically guarantee most of you guys don't.  So that would mean international postage which I am happy with but you would have to be too.

Tell me if you want to exchange with me in a particular season or if you are open to any season.
I will draw one name for each season to choose who I exchange with and will email more information.

Parsley, if any of this post seems familiar, you are imagining it haha.  I'm sorry: I am just so tired and cut/paste/adapt just seemed the simpler way to do it.  I hope you don't mind.

Righty to crochet for a little while and then bed.  These short days seem to have put me into hibernation mode xxxx  Have a good weekend everyone!


  1. I'm so glad you are having fun sharing JOY with others. I hope your seasonal exchange brings many smiles. I am so excited about our upcoming exchange I could BUST.

  2. I would love to be considered for an Autumn or Winter exchange with you. Thanks for posting about the rak blog!

  3. This is a lovely thing to set up. Due to other commitments I cannot participate but will enjoy from the sidelines.

  4. I would love to be considered for an autumn exchange!

  5. What is your email for your 123 wishlist?

  6. I signed up on Angela's blog, this coming year will be a fulfilling one...

  7. I love RAOK and wish more people would participate.


  8. Going to be a buy year for you and lots of fun too.


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