Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Exchanges Received and 1st RAK

How are you all today.

I'm good.  Hospital was yesterday.  I was hoping to be told to bugger off for six months like was with the surgical and oncological teams but radiotherapy want to see me in two months. They did want to see me before xmas but begger that.  Last years Xmas was yucky: this one will be perfect and no hospital results are going to ruin it!

I have lots of almost finishes: so I will wait until they are complete before showing you.  I can show you my first RAK.

I hope Maggee doesnt mind, I borrowed the photo from her blog.  She was my first RAK.  Friendship comes in many forms and we have a lot of shared interests.  Her emails and stitching exchanges have helped me maintain a reasonable level of sanity though the C journey and I wanted to thank her for the fabric and for her friendship.

Maggee has had a wonderful idea for a 2013 blog: her blog details are on the photo. Why not pop over and have a look!

If you would like to take part in my 2013 Year of the RAKs, simply click on the label on the left side of my blog, leave a comment and email me your addy.  Simples as Alexandra the Meerkat says (google him lol).  Also, if my RAK'S could drum up a wishlist on 123 stitch then who knows, you may have a nice surprise one morning when the postie comes  to visit!

I have received two exchanges, one from the X-Stitch monthly yahoo group and my partner was Iris, in France.

The theme was a Christmas ornie with only 1-2 colours.  This beautiful little hanger is just perfect.  I love it, and it has cute dangly bells.  So lovely.  Oh and French Chocolate Truffles..mmmmm...I will have to ration these as I have started up with my diet again and am joining in with a blog weight challenge which I will share with you at a later post.

My exchange from Elaine and the Irish Crafting Yahoo group arrived yesterday.  We all had the same chart but had to finish it however we liked.

You can't really see it here but the fabric is blue and sparkly and there is a lovely blue gem in the middle of the star and a dangly star.  It is so cute.  I also had to pressies with it but hubby had to hide them.  I really, really have no self control whatsoever!

Well, that's it for now.  Thank you ladies for the lovely exchanges..they are perfect.


  1. Pretty exchange pieces... would be interested in seeing more finishes of the same piece... love that! I just got another idea for Gladitudes... It's going to be a fun time over there! Hugs!

  2. very sweet exchange pieces..
    love cucki x

  3. I popped over to Maggee's blog. What a wonderful theme. Thank you for sharing.

  4. What a fantastic RAK and great exchanges. I hope you have the perfect Christmas, it sounds like you're due!

  5. Your finishing on that exchange is wonderful. The Raks are too.
    It looks like you have started off your holiday season in great fashion!!


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