Saturday, November 24, 2012

A belated finish, a start and a first

Blogger is being a real pain: I don't know how to shut down other blogs I have and it keeps telling me I can't upload photos because I have used all my I have deleted posts and just spent an hour deleting photos I didn't even know I had....a waste of an hour.

Never mind. Let's start again.

Hi everyone!

How are you?  We are cold, cold, cold here in Ireland.  We woke up to a white frost and fog which has stuck around all day.  Perfect weather for sitting at home and being crafty.
Dublin went well: the hotel was so diabolical it was hilarious and my beautiful daughter and I shopped and shopped: well, she shopped.  I got what was on my list because like most people we are pretty skint.

Yes, Christmas will seem a little bare this year but the whole family is fine with that.  Fewer, better thought out presents will be welcomed and my sons gave me their list which was teensy.  They both just wanted a single game for the x box their sister bought them last year.  They know we are struggling and didn't like to ask.  What wonderful sons I have.

I enjoyed spending the time with my daughter.  She was a very rebellious teenager and I did wonder at the time if I would ever like her again, let alone be proud of her.  It was a tough time but we came through the other side and she is wonderful.  A daughter to be proud off.  Consistency does pay off!


Maggee's wonderful parcel arrived with my 12 Christmas ornies.  Hubby has hidden it away as my fingers were just itching to have a sneak peek.  It was all packaged so wonderfully.  I have really enjoyed this exchange: I just hope she likes what I sent in return!

About two years ago I took part in an international round robin.  My son is a history nut and loves all things WW, I and II..especially the technology and weapons, so I sent my RR to England, Scotland, America, Australia and Canada with a request for one little chart from each person based on WWII.
Then it got put into a drawer and forgotten about.  I have just had a huge sort out and found it again along with some canvasy material which looks just like the bedding I remember from when we lived on an RAF camp...and finally finished it and turned it into a wall hanging for my son.  He is really pleased with it and said it could be part of his Christmas present...what a lovely boy.

He was so pleased he even agreed to a photograph: he hates having his photo taken and refuses to smile with his mouth this is probably the only time you will see him...other than when I sneak piccies on!

The fabric was a pain  but I managed to match the stripes.  I seem to be getting better with my sewing machine which shows: practice makes perfect!

While I was away I took my crochet with me to do on the train.  I'm still not sure what I'm doing but I managed my first face cloth!  I bought some hand made soap to go with it and that will make a nice little pressie.

I need to block it but voila!
You may have noticed I have changed my WIPocolypse list; I am going to do some stitching for me but I need it to be xmassy: I had a great idea for a finish so I've a new start: it's being stitched on 40 count Summer Khaki Newcastle fabric which I think I bought for something specific but darned if I can remember what.  It's a bit fiddly and small but I'm hoping it will turn out ok for my planned mystery finish.

I have a hospital visit on Tuesday so I'm a bit of a fruitcake at the moment.  This time it is radiology.  At the moment it seems to never end.  So, I will be pretty busy over the next two days to avoid thinking about it.  Wish me luck xxx


  1. wowwwwwwwwwww such a great finish..
    well done..
    have a lovely day dear..
    graet new start.
    hugs x

  2. Wow, congratulations!!! Very well done and a nice start too!
    Evalina, This and that...

  3. Wonderful work.
    I got the same message from blogger today but when I checked it said only 1% used so I did what you did and removed a few old photos so I could do today's post. Hopefully the 'blip' will soon be sorted.
    Carol xx

  4. What a cool RR piece for your son! I am a bit interested in doing one but am not sure how to go about finding a group to exchange with.

  5. He is a handsome, sweet looking boy.

    I will be thinking of you Tuesday and not only wishing you luck, but praying for you. HUGS

  6. that wall hanging for your son is really nice, and he's a cutie with that blonde hair!!


  7. Love the piece for your son, and how handsome he is!
    Sending many prayers and hugs to your for Tuesday!

  8. Blogger did that to me this week too, a bit of a surprise.
    Great finish on the wall hanging and a lovely face cloth. There will be no stopping you now

  9. Good luck for Tuesday! I have got mammography coming up a week later and I will do the same: keep busy, busy, busy to avoid thinking about it. Hope you'll get an all-clear.
    That RR is fab. It's a shame it was forgotten but then now is a perfect time to get it out and finished. Love that photo you've taken and please tell you sone he has no need to be camera-shy, he's looking really good in the picture. I think it's sweet of him to tell you it could be a Christmas presents.

  10. Well done on the crochet, it looks beautiful.
    Fab wall hanging for your young man, no wonder he is thrilled with it. He looks a handsome chap too.
    Great start on your new project.
    Best wishes for Tuesday (big hug)

  11. Wow. That RR piece is awesome. You did a great job on finishing it.


  12. Great progress you've made. I think your finish looks great...and the 'model' is pretty handsome, too. LOL

    Head on over to my blog and check out my latest post...I've mentioned you there :)

  13. Have you been to where your list of old blogs ar as I'm sure you can delete them there. I've been I'll so not sent your chart yet. Should be in the post this weekend


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