Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sew Busy

I know you guys have been busy: I keep looking at my reading list on the side of the blog and there are so many new entries.  I have read them all (and the ones on my dashboard) but I just haven't had time to comment on many.  What I will say is well done to all of you with  your updates.  I have been enthused and inspired and my own list of things to do has grown as a result.  You are all wonderful.

I am also very aware of members of our blog community who are going through really hard times at the moment, through bereavement and health issues.  I am including  you in my prayers and am commenting when I can think of something constructive to say.  Keep strong, things will get  better though storms have to be weathered first.

I have been busy.  I was pointed in the direction of the USA for fabric, to a place called the fabric shack.  It is so hard to get affordable fabric here (I am on a tiny budget lol) so I struggle to do all that I would like to.  Someone told me about the fabric shack so I ordered a  little bit of material to see what they were like. They were amazing; excellent customer service, great prices and lovely material. I am happy to recommend them if  you too struggle to find decent, afordable material.

I ordered some fabric to match my kitchen and Christmas.  It arrived and was perfect so I have made my first proper table runner. It is based on the ten minute table runner which you can find online, though it took me more than ten minutes because I added an extra panel of material, the stripy material you can see.

I have also finished my first minture quilt.  I boobed a bit with the seam allowance but it is a lesson learned and much better to muck up a small quilt than a huge ginormous one with loads of material.

I embroidered leaves on the four panels.  The quilt is designed by Kathleen Tracey and she has a yahoo group which small quilt lovers can go on and join in with challenges etc.  I will put the details on my side bar later xxx.  I really enjoyed making this.  I fully intend to make more and have them as wall hangings.  I want to combine my other crafts with the quilting and where better than in a miniture quilt!

I also managed to get hold of my Lily Sugar 'n' Cream cotton wool for crotchet (thanks Elisa): I had to get this from the good ol USA as well, from Herrschners.  There is something very wrong with the world when it is cheaper to buy from a gazillion miles away than from closer countries via ebay.  I am so looking forwards to learning to crotchet properly!

Right, well, that is me done.  I am away for a few days as my wonderful daughter is treating me to a stay in Dublin.  It will be lovely to spend some time just with her.  She looked after the boys at the weekend so hubby and I could have some time alone (the first time ever as I am not counting spending a night away waiting for chemotherapy rofl!) .  It was lovely.  Thank you gorgeous daughter!

I just want to say have a happy Thanks Giving to my USA readers.  It will my my hubby and I's 14th aniversary: Thanksgiving was the the day he first asked me out on a date...I was giving him and his American friend who was going out with my friend at the time, Thanksgiving dinner.  His American friend was over on holiday and had started dating my friend: she asked me to do it so he wouldn't miss Thanksgiving.

 You cannot imagine how difficult it was to get a Turkey in Norfolk (UK) in November...in the end I had to get a frozen one and defrost in in the microwave and keep my finders crossed.  Luckily I didn't poison any one.  To this day I don't think he knows why my children and I didn't eat the turkey!  Shhhh...no harm done ;-)  He is my second husband; I didnt quite do it right the first time though I got some wonderful children out of it ;-).  He is my perfect partner, my soul mate and I don't know how I would have managed without him this last year.  So I am very thankful that he stalked me and talked me into going on a date with him and equally thankful I didn't give anyone food poisoning at the dinner ;-)

Happy Thanksgiving xx


  1. I love the miniature quilt. Fabric is terribly expensive and we beed so much of it!!

  2. I adore the story of Thanksgiving with your now hubby. Sweet!

    I'm so anxious to show some progress on my stitching but it's for a Dec. exchange. SO EXCITED!

    Happy Anniversary/Thanksgiving!

  3. I've been looking forward to seeing your small quilt, it looks perfect with the leaves. thanks for the heads up on the fabric, I shall be going to have look. I've always steered away from odering overseas because of the postage.

    Happy anniversary to you both

  4. Beautiful mini quilt and I adore the table runner, well done.
    Happy anniversary to you and hubby.
    Enjoy your girlie time with your daughter.

  5. Aww beautiful table runner and mini quilt.
    Happy anniversary to you both xxx

  6. Happy Anniversary!! I hope that you have a wonderful time in Dublin! I am looking forward to seeing pics of your escapades.
    Your sewing projects are wonderful.

  7. Glad you enjoyed your alone time with hubby and have a wonderful tine in Dublin.
    Your runner and quilt are amazing.
    Thanks for the link for the fabby, its next to impossible here isnt it to get it in the first place never mind the price.

  8. Happy Anniversary! Love your goodies!

  9. Nicely done on the table runner and miniature quilt! Are the leaves stitched by hand? Very nice touch! Cannot wait till the 14th! Hope you like what I sent!! Hugs!


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