Monday, December 3, 2012

Exchange Received and Nov WIPopocalypse

Wow..another post so soon.  I have my four seasonal exhange partners so I am happy.  I have found charts for two of them and will be starting them soon.  best to utilise the stitching bug while it is there lol.

On my WIP front, I have not got much further on anything. This is my new start.

I am going to pick this up in about two mins and do some more on it.

Lanybleu has received my exhange gifts and tree ornie.

It is a freebie from My Big Toe Designs.  I love that some designers offer free charts.  I had never heard of Big Toe before I did a random search for free xmas charts for my Irish group's chart challenge.  Now I have.  It is worth designers using freebies as a carrot on a stick as it gives us a chance to see what their designs are like and then buy from them.  Will I be buying from these guys?  Of course lol.  So win-win. 
So without any more is the one I stitched for Elaine.

I slightly altered the design and it is backed on Navy felt which is in turn backed on white felt with gold tinsley bits in it and I used some of my felty trim which I bought from Motto Sampler Shoppe in the summer.  Everyone who took part in the challenge had the same chart but we could stitch and finish it as we wished.  I am always thrilled by the results and the variety which is produced by some very talented ladies.

And a reminder of the one Elaine stitched for me


Well, stitching is awaiting so ' I shall do as the French do and say Au Revoir' (guess what I was watching last night lol).

Happy needles!


  1. Both are looking so cute..
    Lots of love for you
    Happy stitching xxx

  2. Love the ornaments. Your new start looks interesting. What is it.


  3. I love how everyone can do the same thing, but they can look so completely different.

  4. Wonderful exchange ornaments! I love stitching ornaments, it's the finishing that I can't stand! Nice progress on your WIP.

  5. Great progress on your new start.
    I love the ornament.

  6. Love both of the ornament finishes! I'm excited to be exchanging with you :)

  7. Super exchange ornaments. I do love to see different fabric and colour ways with the same design.

  8. awesome ornaments! Love SNOW!


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