Friday, December 14, 2012

Beginning to Smell Like Christmas

Howdy doodie pepes.  Phew, what a day.
I have to be honest with you. I did a booboo lol.  I was awake way too late last night.  I meant to go to bed early but it just didn't happen.  So I turn to my hubby as we got into bed and I said: ' Wow..I can open my first day of Christmas ornie from Maggee in twenty minutes'.  'So you can', he replies...then apparently I fell straight asleep lol.

He let me have a wee lie in till 8 am and then off came the pretty tissue paper wraping! Oh my wow.  What can I say?
My first ornament is just perfect.  She has her place on my tree and is gorgeous.  I love the rik rak: it looks so delicate.
Now, I would like to show you what I sent Maggee BUT I forgot where I put my list so I can't remember.  I am hoping Maggee will remind me (hint hint M). 

Without ado: here is my 1st day of Christmas ornie from Maggee.

I gave in today and made some gingerbread for the boys.  I had the templates for a cottage and have the walls and roofs ready to make three gingerbread houses.  I spent all morning cooking them and the boys can decorate them tomorrow.  Mmmmm.  I have never made gingerbread before but it smells wonderful.  So wonderful in fact that I had to keep answering the door because of a tapping and a knocking.
Each time I looked there was no one there so the last time I stood by the door ready for the tapping so I could catch the culprit!

Apparently Napoleon the goose likes the smell of gingerbread!  Cheeky so and so was knocking on the door.  I think I live in a madhouse lol.

After spending all morning teaching decimals to my son whilst cooking up a storm, I insisted on some mummy craft time.
I go to a quilting group in County Roscommon and we all have to make a block on a Christmas theme.  All the blocks made are then put together and we raffle them: the winner gets all the blocks.

This is the first time I have felt confident enough to make something good enough to give to someone else...I found this lovely tree on the internet and thought it would be perfect.!

I can't believe I actually made it!  It took me a few hours but not as long as I thought it would.  I must be getting better.
Then whilst the machine was out I finished my little cushion.  I found the perfect fabric for it.  Sorry but it is dark now and eco-bulbs might save the world but they don't give off a lot of light so the colours are not really shown. Same for the quilting block; the colours do match, honestly!

Right: that's me done. Off to bed now.  I have information about a few giveaways on my previous post or you can click the Giveaway shown by my labels xxxxxxx Have a good day!


  1. It was the Snowflake--some assembly required one! Which I loved!! It went right on my tree too! I am going to blog about it tomorrow... Took pictures this morning, but I am too tired tonight to do a good blog! Weekends I do better! Hey I really really like your quilt block! You are making me want to do one too! I will email you!! Til tomorrow... Hugs!

  2. What a busy girl you've been. You have a beautifully finished cushion, you and the sewing machine will be friends before long

  3. Wow busy girl..beautiful finishes
    Love cucki x

  4. Lovely ornie from Maggee. Looking forward to seeing what you sent to her .
    Great quilt block and your little ornie looks great.
    Love Napoleon , did you give him any gingerbread? lol

  5. Lovely gift and finishes! Had a good chuckle at the goose knocking on your door!


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