Thursday, December 13, 2012

Sampler motto shoppe finish and Giveaways

Yup. I have a finish.  I really wanted to finish it yesterday but you know how it goes.
'Mum, where's dinner?'
'Mum, help me with my fractions'
'Mum, can I make a gingerbread house?'

I said no to the last one; maybe in the weekend.
So wonderful hubby said I could lay in this morning instead of the usual rush to make the bread, clean the house etc so I could finish the final bit: the poinsettia.

This is the free chart Victoria Motto Sampler shoppe gave as part of their Christmas giveaways.  Wasn't that generous?  Well, it seemed rude not to do it when it has been offered in such Chrismas cheer!

I  thought the flower lended itself to poinsettia tendencies so well: perfect for my fireplace (see previous post).  I have to sort out fabric but real life has to be dealt with first; then I will make it into a cushion so it can sit by the fireplace all year round!

It is stitched over two with WDW Kohl and Louisiana Hot Sauce.  I used a little gold bead for the centre of the flower.  I can't wait to be able to sit at my sewing machine and finish it properly!

Now for some more giveaway news.  Wow; aren't you guys so generous this time of the year.  This will be the first year I haven't had a big Christmas giveaway so it feels very strange but I will be doing the year of RAKs so that eases the guilt somewhat.

Firstly, we have a wonderful giveaway over at To Stitch or Not to Stitch.  And when you see the lovely gifts being given away methinks it will be more a case of will stitch; have to to stitch!!!  Gorgeous.  Actually, I am not to sure why I am sending you over there.....oh well, T'is the Season to be generous and let people know about Giveaways I guess (sigh).

Secondly, Dixie Samplar is having a Basket of Cheer Giveaway.  Oooooo the excitement!  I am meant to say please let them know I sent you but to be honest I don't mind if you don't.  T'is all good fun and if it was me doing the draw I would get so confused and confuzzled about who did what lol.  Let's keep life simple.

I went though all my blogs yesterday: the one's I read and I had a blog-cull.  I hated every minute of it.  It was so sad letting people go.  To be honest, they were blogs whose owners had not written on them for (dare I say it) up to four years!  I drew the line at three monthly postings but a part of me wonders were these guys had gone.  Only a handful had given reasons for leaving blogland.  The rest were just cut off: mid blog.  I hope and pray that the reason they all gave up reading blogs was because they won the lottery: met Prince Charming: have their dream career which is more fun than stitching and posting: had the huge, ginormous family they had always dreamed off: all good reasons for leaving a blog without notice I am sure you will agree.  I hope and pray they are are the reasons.

So, my reading list is now short and that leaves vacancies.  I don't always post: I  never email people who comment (and don't mind if you don't email me: my mind gets so cluttered by such things lol) but I always, always read them before I go to bed at night.  Without fail!

So if you are a new follow (Hi, you are very welcome and I hope you like it here), please comment so I can read your blog.  Or if you know of a great blog which you know I would enjoy reading, can you let me know? I am so inspired by you all xx

Right that's me for now.  But guess what! Tomorrow I get to open the first of my 12 day of Chrismas ornaments.  Would it be childish to set my clock for midnight do you think????????


  1. What a beautiful finish!
    There is nothing wrong with clearing out the clutter.
    I bet you did stay up until midnight!

  2. Truly a very sweet finish
    Have a lovely day x

  3. That was a quick stitch, can't wait to see the cushion

  4. Great quick finish! Well done!
    The end of the year is a great time to de-clutter!! :)

  5. OPEN OPEN OPEN haha I'm terrible at waiting. I hope you enjoy the ornies your friends made you. I would have joined in but I knew my time wouldn't allow. BUUUUUT, I have started something for spring and will finish well ahead. That will give me time to stitch more. hahahaha

  6. Love your finish!! I really like how you chose to do just the flower in the red!
    I have been thinking it might be time to do some cleaning as well ~ nothing wrong with that at all.

  7. Lovely design. I've been saddened when some bloggers disappear. Some have said why others, as you said, have just not posted. I do hope they have just found life too full to spend time on line.
    I'm having a little Giveaway, initially a Magazine but there will be more goodies included.
    Carol xx

  8. Super finish.
    I'm really looking forward to seeing what's been made for you.


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