Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Needlework Masters Monthly Book Edited

Hi everyone,

Thank you so much for your comments re: comments.  I was so worried I was missing something but it seems I am ok.  We comment when we see things which inspire and when we don't or when we are busy, we just read.

I have been so busy.

I know I said my Needlework Masters Monthly SAL book (now referred to as NMM SAL) was finished but it wasn't.  I knew in my head how I wanted this book to look and what sort of character I wanted it to have but it was only today it all fell into place.

As someone who has been treated for the big C (little 'c' actually, I refuse to make it that important) you life becomes statistics.  The sad fact is I only have an 80 percent chance of being around in four years time..sounds a lot unless it is you being spoken about. Or 20% chance it will come back: get this into perspective though, I could get hit by a tractor tomorrow. This isn't being depressing; this is being realistic. I am doing everything I can to up those chances: losing weight, trying to exercise and so on but I am aware of my own mortality. Logically, any fling with a health issue makes you think of what you will leave behind...and as a crafter that means quilts (if I ever fix my sewing machine...another story), stitching, and memories.  So I am not after sympathy: I just want to explain what this book means to me.

Because of this I wanted a book for the NMM SAL which looked like something your grandchildren might find in the attic 100 years after you have turned to dust, and I wanted it to have my character.  Quirky, not-too-perfect, something which would reflect my lack of skill but major enthusiasm as I learn new techniques. Something which looks like an heirloom now, in the short term as well as in the long term.

But I didn't know how I would achieve this. Afterall, that is quite a shopping list for a stitching journal!

Firstly, I realised that having single pages meant that as I attached each new stitched piece, the stitches would show through the other side.  I decided to add felt insert pages which the work can be attached to without actually showing through the other side.

 The pages are Sand felt with either a thinner white or mushroom felt page stitched to it.  I haven't sewn the bottoms so I can put my hand under to attach my stitching.  Once each page is filled with my stitching contributions I will use some fancy stitch to close them, possibly hiding some memorabilia for my children to find in the future. A little note or a photo or something associated with the month being filled.

Then came putting it all together.  It is really thick so I hand tacked the pages up the centre and then added some gold cording to hide the stitches.

And here it is....all I want to do now is find some way to add my initials and the year to the inside cover.

I love it....my hubby says it looks like the Book of Wisdom from Fraggle Rock. That'll do for me.  It is big and fat and squidgy and is just waiting to have things put in it now!

Terry  gave a tutorial for a Woven Heart Ornament so today I gave them a go.  Of course, as is usual, I have to learn things the hard way (e.g. take the paper off the interfacing before you iron it and iron it when between two pieces of fabric rather than ironing the paper lol) but they came out ok in end.  I had a play around with colours and have some great ideas for Christmas decorations now.  Thank you Terry!!!!

I finished another ornie yesterday but it is for my 12 days exchange.  Another style for me...but you will have to wait until Christmas to see them!

Lastly, a bit apology to my two winners who have not yet received their blogoversary gifts.  I thought I had posted them but found them in the car today!  They have now gone so hopefully you will have them next week.  The numbers of times I have had a go at dh for forgetting to post stuff and I've been driving around them for over a week.  Durrrr.

Well, that's me done...there are few more new things I want to make but I think I've done enough today...or have I!!!!

Have a good week people and chat soon ;-)


  1. your book is looking so lovely..
    and the hearts are so sweet too..
    hugs xx

  2. Oh my, that book is wonderful, can't wait to see it filling up during 2013, how clever you are.
    Hope you are on the mend, snuffling going on here too, DH and I both have it :-(

  3. I have a lump in my throat...'c' is evil. I realize my best friend fought the good fight and got a lot of time. I hope you do too.

    The book is a great crafty idea. Did you just come up with the idea or create the whole plan on your own?

  4. Your book is a treasure for sure! Cheering you on in all the things you are doing to up your chances!
    Love those sweet hearts!

  5. what are you going to put in your book? Sorry if you mentioned it in a prior post.


  6. Lovely book! I just started mine today!


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