Saturday, September 29, 2012

Sep 29th WIPopcolypse

Sorry, the photo is just awful.  No sunshine here today!  It is actually being stitched on a sandy golden colour fabric.
Since the last WIPocolypse I have done another house, completed the steps and stitched the roof outline.  I really, really want to finish this one this year so badly as it reminds me of our wonderful holiday in Caister and of course my trip to see the tall ships in Dublin.

I would love to spend more time on it but I want to get my exchanges done and out of the way.

 I am making great steps in my 12 days of Christmas exchange with Maggee.  It has really challenged me but I am pleased with what my smokin' needles are producing.

I didn't like the finish of one so I have redone it and managed to stab myself quite a few times attaching the new trim.  Message to self: never using that trim again!!!!

Today is my beautiful daughter's 24th birthday.  My baby is all growed up!  I wanted to do a lovely lunch for her but am too ill.  My son got a cold which turned into a worse cold as it hit number two son and it is full blown flu in me!  Or at least that is how it feels!  So she nipped by quickly to collect her pressies and is safely out of my germ-laden home. I am too ill to even bother putting up embarrassing photos of her as a baby lol.  She will be most relieved.

We don't have a lot going on in the home front at the moment.  Jamie the horse is fine and well.  Paris and Portley, two of our three dog, are still clean after showering them yesterday and hubby and I spent all yesterday sorting out the chickens.

For the last three years we have produced our own chicken but I we have decided we want to see more of the world so I sold most of our birds, keeping just our original birds...5 of them, the two ducks and the two geese.

We had a lot of cockeral chicks this year and as they get older they have been stressing our hens out so they have been removed and the five original hens seem much happier.  We spent yesterday de-lousing them.  The wet cold summer has played havoc with their parasite loads, along with the stress of the cockerals so now they are all pest-free and hopefully will be a lot happier, ready for winter.

There will be no more cockerals or even babies. These guys will be allowed to live their natural lives and then that is it. No more birds.  Freedom awaits!
Not that I can afford to go anywhere really other than local places, but you never know.  I might get my dream trip on the Orient the next decade!!!

Now, can I ask my fellow bloggers about your comments.  I read all the blogs on my comment boxes and reading list but I don't always comment.  If someone needs some support or has produced some inspirational stitching then I do, or I try to.  I don't mind if people don't comment on my blog. I know it is being read, we have the new blogger stats to show me that. But a couple of things have come up which make me question the comments issue.

I have recently had my fingers burnt re: leaving a comment.  The blog post asked for feedback so I gave it. I wasn't rude, I wasn't offensive, I was just sharing my experiences and tastes.  And I got quite a snotty, rude reply.  I was really upset until I thought to myself...durrrrrr.  I just stopped following that blog which solved everything.

And I have recently read another blog where the writer felt she may have to shut off her own comments section because she doesn't get time to give them back.

And then there is the feedback to comments via the email system..never going to happen on this blog!  Mainly because I don't know how to do it and secondly because between reading a comment and sending a reply, I will probably forget what was said in the first place.

So where do you stand on comments?  I have been blogging for four years and I wonder, has comment's etiquette changed?  Are we supposed to reply to everything?  Am I doing it all wrong??

Gosh...such a minefield!

Well, that is me done for today.  Off to feel sorry for myself, my red, runny nose and achy limbs.
Have a wonderful week everyone, whether you comment or not lol xxxxxxxxxx


  1. Congrats on your stitching update! As for comments, I am not too good at responding to comments left on my blog, but I have made myself a promise to improve. I think there is a fine line between sharing the love, and driving yourself crazy! I mean, it's supposed to be fun, right?

  2. happy birthday to your daughter..
    your stitching is so beautiful..
    big hugs cucki xx

  3. I do hope you feel better soon, there seems to be a lot going around at the moment. Make sure you look after yourself.

  4. Very cute!

    As for comments and responding to comments, I try to leave a comment if I stop by a post. This is especially if something inspires me. I try not to be rude, and hope that I haven't been. I rarely respond to comments made on my posts, but if I do, it is generally on your most recent post on your blog. This way, I know that you have seen my response. Hope this helps some and keep up the great work! I love Tall Ships too and have several designs that are in my stash. Maybe someday I will stitch them :)

  5. I will leave a comment if I have something to say. I do moderate all my comments, people who read my blog and comments don't need to see what the gremlins have to say, so I delete those comments.

    Would you email me that shipping company as it would be a huge help as there are a few things I would love to get shipped over to us in Canada.



  6. Finding time always seems to be my problem. If you do not look at your reader for 24 hours It can take quite some time to read all posts and comment.

  7. Comments are like postcards - you mail them out and that's the end of it, you don't expect a person to pull out their address book and send a thank you note for it. Unless someone's asked a question or really startled me I don't respond - I just hop over to their blog and see what they've been up to, leaving a comment if I have one. That's my etiquette, anyway.

    On a side note, I think some people define "honest feedback" to mean "blathering compliments". There's only one way to find out, lol!

  8. Your stitching looks great.

    Regarding comments: I love to get them, but I don't expect everyone to comment. I don't comment on every blog post I read. I just don't think it's necessary. And I don't think it's necessary to email everyone who comments on your blog unless it's something you enjoy doing. Sometimes I email commenters, usually I don't. It's too complicated for my tastes. I'm sorry someone was snarky to you. That is a real bummer, but I'm glad you realized how easy it is to just shake it off and put that person behind you.

  9. Hope you're feeling better soon. I'm a fellow-sufferer, so the wishes come from my heart! Happy birthday to your DD - she shares her birthday with my 90 yr old Dad.

    I love getting comments, but I rarely respond on my own blog - I'm more likely to leave a comment on the other person's blog.

  10. Lovely stitching.
    I comment only if I have something to say or ask but to be honest I only have chance to quickly read the blogs I follow at present and can only find time to post every blue moon

  11. I leave comments when I have something to say. As for responding to comments left on my blog, I do not email back to most of them. What I try to do is if I get a lot of comments on a post, on the next post I thank everyone for their comments.

  12. I do hope you are feeling better. And, a big Happy Birthday to your daughter!!
    I try to leave comments when something has touched me, I do not do so expecting a reply back. Although sometimes, an email exchange or two will take place ~ thus giving me the feeling that I am getting to know a fellow blogger better.
    I do try and thank those that comment on my blog ~ I think either a personal thank you or a general one in an upcoming post is fine. Life is busy!

  13. Time is the main factor, I don't reply to my commenters unless it warrants a reply or I have info I want to pass on to the commenter.
    I try to comment on most blogs I read, but like I posted last week, for the first time ever I was 2 weeks behind due to holiday and illness and have had to clear my reader.
    I write my blog more as a diary for me of what I have achieved and really enjoy sone times going back and reading things I have written sometime ago.

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