Friday, September 28, 2012

Second Giveaway Received!

Elaine has now received her prize!  I get to add more photos lol.  My two other winners live a lot further away so I dont think they will get theirs just yet.

Elaine's favourite colour was blue.

I used a Crescent Colours blue and finished with a blue floral button and little ribbon in the corner.  Elaine chose the chart Celtic Girl from Papillion Designs. I included some hand dyed blue linen (I didnt dye it; the nice people I bought it from being me I forgot to label what sort it was or it's name lol and I included some blue rik rak and ribbon trim.

Right...have to go and shower.  I have done all the housework and spent the time it took to upload the photos to give my border terrier Portley and collie-jr cross  Paris a shower.  Paris was most reluctant and so now I need to go and have a shower.  Once  I de-dog hair the shower which was all cleaned and scrubbed this morning.  Ah well, it needed doing: doggie odour was not very pleasant, now they smell lovely and you can even see Paris's white bits! They aren't grey any more!

Then...I am going to sort out my fabric and work out what I want to stitch next or I might just work on my WIPocolypse.  A lovely start to the weekend xx

Have a great weekend everyone xxx


  1. Very nice shades of blue. So calming.

  2. Another lovely project :D Congratulations :D

  3. What sweet pin pillows! I'm sure the recipients are loving them!

  4. Your giveaways are so sweet. Lovely finishing.
    Have a great weekend!

  5. What a sweet little pincushion! I love those colors! :0)


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