Sunday, October 28, 2012

Facebook and well wishes

No nice crafty post; sorry.  I painted the kitchen the day before yesterday and then decided life is just far to short for magnolia, cream or any similar I went out yesterday and bought.....lime green.  It rocks.  No body believed me when I said it would but they all love it now, even colour blind hubby who sees yellow and says it is how he would like the outside of the house!

With the clocks going back I promised myself an early rise to finish painting.  The kids (17 and 12) never get up early unless they have to.

Guess what?

Seems all I have to do to get the kids up is promise myself some solo time in the kitchen: just me, the radio, a paint brush and lots of cups of tea.  A few hours to forget I have responsibility and a family (not that I regret them..but sometimes we need some 'me' time).  A time to pretend it is just me and my home.  So what happened?

Yes, they ALL  got up and were up by nine!  frazzle frazzle moan groan.

Ah well...onwards and upwards.  As soon as I finish the kitchen I can either paint the bedroom or do some stitching.  Not a hard choice really.

BTW, not quite worked out how to put fb on here so here is my fb page if you would like to link up.  I have no idea how to contact people so here is a short cut lol My facebook page.

Now for those of you bloggers and readers who live in America and are waiting to see what that pesky hurricane is going to do; please, please stay safe.  I will pray that it will lose it's 'ooomph' out at sea and not be too big a problem.

Take care...see you all soon with craftiness!


  1. hello dear i sent you a friend request on facebook page...
    my name is aneeba imran..south africa
    love for you cucki xxx

  2. okay I need to see photos of your lime green kitchen!!!!


  3. We definitley need to see pics of the kitchen!

  4. I love painting rooms! Wish I could have you here to paint a murial on my wall. ;-)

  5. Lime green for the kitchen, what's for the bedroom?

  6. isn't that just typical, always the same here when i plan a quiet hour or two to myself, someone wants me, the phone of the doorbell goes.

    Sorry, i dont do FB.

  7. Did a friend request on facebook. The color of your kitchen sounds great. And I sure do know what you mean about some alone time being squashed just by thinking about it. UGH!!! Hope you get some "me" time soon!

  8. That sounds like a lovely colour for your kitchen.

  9. A lime green kitchen sounds fab, I'd love to see a picture


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