Monday, October 29, 2012

Christmas Tree Decorations

Thank you all for your lovely comments re: my decorating. I almost finished and then the paint ran out.  I was only planning on painting the alcoves but I liked it so much I painted all of it...and ran out of paint with just about three feet to go but it will be ok.  I will buy some more next week.

It is quite a dark room so we have to be careful with the colours we chose  or it will seem a bit gloomy, and of course the range does smoke a little at times so we need walls we can clean.  The range burns wood, coal and turf. I refuse to pay money for oil and as it is going to run out anyway and become more and more expensive, it made more sense to have something powering the central heating which had a bit more flexibility.  It is wonderful when there are electric cuts as we can still  cook on it and in it and it warms the whole house!

So, without much ado, here are some photos and then we can get on with the crafty stuff!!

The lime green actually seems to reflect the light and makes it seems very bright and cheerful.  I love it.

Now for craft.  Today I was determined to get some time to myself.  So, I very kindly treated dh and ds's to a visit to the cinema to watch the new James Bond film.  Wasn't that kind of me?
By 10.00 am I had the bread rising, the kitchen cleaned, washing sorted and meals planned and I had my stop-cancer-coming-back-aerobic I really, really deserved an afternoon to myself.  This way I got my time, and I got mega popularity points by being the parent to suggest it. I booked the tickets online to make sure the buggers boys got their treat.

And while they were gone I made six stockings for the Christmas Tree.

I love these red ones. I was going to add some black buttons as they are quite sexy but then felt it might detract from the fact they are supposed to be Christmassy rather than too tarty lol.  It is nice however to have a feminine stocking rather than just ones that look like welly boots!

I really enjoyed making these...thank you for the suggestions re; trim.  Unfortunately wonderweb wouldn't work as it is interthreaded and 3-d.  It just unravels so.....I used my glue gun!  Just enough to bind the ends (and my fingers/table/kitchen worktops).

Then, mission accomplished, I decided to make some more not-thread catchers.  Well, they are thread catchers but when I make them they are Christmas Tree Chocolate Holders lol.

I made these a little bigger: I used 6 inch square material and really do prefer them this size.

So, all in all, quite a productive afternoon!

And a fantastic distraction to help me forget I have an oncology appointment tomorrow. I really, really hope my bloods are ok and they tell me not to bother going back for six months.

I will put my WIPapocolypse up when I get back tomorrow or at the end of the week...depending on when I get some stitching done.  The light is very bad, even with a daylight lamp so I haven't been stitching much in the evening.  I think now though I will dedicate this week to cross stitch; it has been a little negected!

Have a great week everyone.  Friends on the East Coast of the USA, please stay safe and I pray this monster storm will miraculously fizzle out and leave you all alone.  Take care xxx


  1. I love that paint and it does make the kitchen seem bright. Very, very nice.

    Love all your Christmas goodies,

    Gill in Canada

  2. Ooooh lovely stockings! Love your kitchen. I had the shaker style cupboards in my last house and loved them. Desp need a new kitchen now. X

  3. What cute stockings! And the ort collectors are so nice too! Gotta find that pattern! Hurricane Sandy should be done with my area tomorrow night. Though my office was open today! Geez! I did not go in--have bronchitis again! Your kitchen looks VERY cheery! Mine is a butter-y yellow color, very cheery too! Hugs!

  4. Love the green! I recently pained my dog room green. Cheery!

  5. You have been busy. I used 61/2" squares for my thread catchers, I imagine it gets quite fiddly with the smaller squares.
    Love the kitche

  6. The kitchen colour is gorgeous, I love the Christmas decorations too

  7. The paint looks great! What a cool color.
    Your holiday sewing is wonderful.

  8. Love that paint ~ so cheery! And what cute projects you made!!

  9. i love all your Christmas goodies..
    big hugs xxx

  10. Your kitchen looks splendid.

    Great ornaments, your tree will be fantastic.


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