Thursday, November 1, 2012

Exchange Received and Giveaway Dilemma

Howdy everyone!  I really hope and pray that those of you living in Eastern USA are safe and well: that damage was minimal and that things return to normal as soon as possible.  Over here in Ireland and the UK we have been watching the news and sending our prayers.  Boy, was Sandy a biggun!

Horrible for you.  I don't like wind at the best of times.  If I lived there, never mind evacuating: I would be moving to a new country!  Yes, I am chicken: wind scares me.

I had some good news this week.  I saw my oncology team and .......I don't have to go back for six months!!!! Fantastic.  I have a radiotherapy follow up next month but after that I get a whole four months without a hospital appointment.  Fantastic news.  I was thrilled.  I turn into a bit of a fruit cake prior to hospital appointments and this was a biggee: my bloods may have settled or may have indicated that I still had cancer.  Fortunately they had settled and they are very happy with me.  Thank God.

I have heard that my first Christmas exchange through the Yahoo Cross Stitch Monthly exchange group (actually two monthly but that is just a detail lol) has been received all the way over in France. If you would like to join in our merry band, the details are on my side bar.
 Our challenge was to make an ornie in one colour and a chocolate for the Christmas tree.  Hmmmm...perfect.  I had some green sparkly evenweave in my stash box which had been looking for a home so I knew exactly what to do!

I have made so many ornies just lately that I honestly can't remember who designed this; my charts are all over the place and it could take some serious time to work out where the one I want is.  It was stitched in WDW Snowflake, appropriately and I made it into a little hanger.

Now, finding Christmassy choccies was difficult as I sent this in October well before halloween let alone Christmas so I improvised.  I found a pretty glittery box and used two of my non-thread catchers and filled them with choccie teddy bears.  Sorry, the light was dreadful on the day I took the photo.  What do you think?

I enjoyed stitching this; I hope the recipient enjoys it as much.

I have been feeling Christmassy for a good long while and getting the good news from the hospital means this Christmas will be the brightest, funnest, most special Christmas ever: and believe me our Christmas's are always wonderful!

 Interestingly, my sons both say last Christmas was lovely.  It wasn't for me: I had spent the three days before in A and E waiting to find out if I needed a blood transfusion and telling the Drs blood or not, I would be home for Christmas Eve!  I had my second Chemo, was still sore from Surgery AND I got shingles on Christmas morning.  The nerves in my hands went and I dropped boiling water on my leg when preparing Christmas dinner. It sucked but I tried really hard to make sure it didn't effect my children.  I don't think they even noticed I had a bag of freezing peas on my thigh where I burnt myself while we ate dinner.  I am so glad my efforts worked as they both say the day was fantastic.  I have always tried to make sure my children have great memories of their childhood and no way did I want the C word to affect their day!

But that is all over now and I will be able to enjoy this Christmas with them.

Traditionally, I host a big give away at Christmas.  I did it last year but sadly I didn't take photos and the recipient who loved it, didn't put it on her blog for me to use the photos.  Never mind.  As long as she enjoyed it that is all that matters.  This year however, if I am totally honest, I really can't afford to do a giveaway.

But I would like to do something special.  I asked a while back for people to let me know if they could send me their details for RAKs. And I did warn them I would probably lose their details...and true to form I have. Sorry...chemo brain at it's best.  I put them in a folder and then forgot what the folder was for and deleted it..remembering just as I pressed the delete button what it was!
Rather than do a give away or a draw I would like to do RAKS throughout the year.  I can't promise you will receive something cross stitched: it may be quilty or patchworky or something which celebrates whatever is happening in my life at the  moment BUT I can promise it won't be a bill or bad news!  It will be something nice in the post which you would have probably forgotten about and won't be expecting.

And please don't be shy...I really want to do this and can only do it if you give me your details.  So please, please, leave a comment (so I can contact you just in case I lose all the details again lol) and I will label this post to make sure I don't lose this either...and then email me with your details.  My email address is stitcheranonatyahoodotcodotuk..just add the symbols.  I hope this is ok.

Thank you all for your support during the last year: I am looking forwards to my year ahead with RAKs!
Finally (phew)  victorian motto sampler shoppe is having an amazing 25 days of Christmas Giveaway.  Pop over and enter for some amazingly generous prizes.  Please say I sent you there xxxx


  1. So glad to hear your good news, I was thinking of you this morning

  2. LOVE the fabric you used in the ornie! I'm tempted to try new things with color now!

    So happy for your news! As to the RAKs I think it's a brilliant idea. I already feel blessed by our connection so you don't need to include me but again, brilliant idea!

  3. So glad to hear your good news..
    big hugs for you xxx

  4. Your news is fantastic - I am so so pleased for you!!

    I would like to have the chance to receive a RAK from you. I will email you in a bit.

    I think that is a lovely idea rather than just one giveaway.

    Congrats again on your fantastic news.

  5. I saw your news on Facebpook too and am so glad that you had such a good report. And, not being a shy one when it comes to sharing stitchy things, I will email with my details for yoUr RAKs. It's a lovely idea!

  6. Congratulations. I'm so pleased that you had good news , and now you can really make the most of Christmas.
    I would be honoured to receive a RAK from you ,still have my stitched saying that you made for a while ago , and I love it .
    Thanks ,xxx

  7. Oh, I'm so happy your test results were good news. I love the ornament you stitched and the chocolates. Great stitching.


  8. Congratulations!! So happy for you.
    I think that the exchange is lovely.
    Can you believe that it is November and we are all planning for Christmas.

  9. I am so happy for you it is wonderful news!

    Love the ornament for the exchange, it is very pretty.

    I'll send you my mailing details for the RAK as I think it's such a lovely idea and something I will be offering next year too :)

  10. That is such fantastic news, I am so pleased for you all, its hard being ill but not wanting to affect your family and carry on as normal ( my best friend is in the same position) and i am SO pleased for you, 4 months is amazing.

    Love the ornament, i am off for a nosy at the yahoo groups too

  11. Just found your blog (via Hooked on Stitches) - so pretty. I'm sorry to hear of your health issues in the past year - glad you're getting on better now. Last year just before Christmas I was in the hospital and had an unplanned surgery - and my family made Christmas happen, just as yours did. Like you, I felt it was "not so mych" - but to them it was just great that we were all together. I WILL send you my mailing infor because this RAK think is just so inspirational!

    Glad to have found your blog.

    Mary in MN

  12. What wonderful news!!
    Your ornament is lovely.

  13. Wonderful news from the hospital.
    You made your exchange gift so lovely, those teddys are real cute and delicious.
    Much love x


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