Thursday, October 25, 2012

Dieting and lend a hand campaign

Hi all...this is none crafty though my next post should be uber crafty...just forwarning you.

Thank you for your lovely comments and after receiving a couple of emails regarding my weight loss I though I would tell you a little about it.

I was not obese in a clinical sense but was nearly getting there: I weighed 11 stone 5 but for my height I should weigh around 10 -10.5 stone.  No idea what that is in pounds: you can google a weight converter lol

The main reason I wanted to lose weight was because my cancer was hormone-fed.  The natural hormones all women produce were the equivelent of a fast-food restaurant for the cancer cells.
Like most ladies hitting the 40's I started to put it on around the tummy area...and guess where the fat cells which are linked to oestrogen production are found?  You got it..the tummy. And of course I had stitcher's bum.  I haven't yet worked out a way to cross stitch whilst on an exercise bike!

As a biologist I am highly cynical of most diets.  Because of chemo and early menopause (which I love: did it in two chemo thing to ever happen to me..the menopause, not the chemo lol) I also have certain dietary requirements involving high fibre and calcium uptake so a diet with restrictions just wasn't even going to get a look in as far as I was concerned.

In the end after a lot of research, I decided to try Slimming World.  I wasn't convinced it would work because you don't count calories, you don't limit what you eat and it didn't seem like there was enough suffering involved.

It really has been an easy one to follow and what is even better is that because it has no restrictions as such, just good lifestyle choices, I give the kids the same things I have.  It is balanced: and for me I don't go around thinking oh, I can't eat that, I have to lose weight!  Because the minute you start a diet, all you think about is food!  Or is that just me?
Anyway, with very little effort in the 6-7 weeks I've been actively following it, I have lost a dress size and around 10 lbs. And this is despite being on Tamoxifen which I was told might make me put weight on or make it hard for me to lose any.

Anyway, after my emails which were from two ladies in the USA, I gave my consultant a call.  I haven't been for two weeks which was a bit naughty of me but she was fine because I am still losing weight and she knows what my head is like and she told me that apparently if you live in the USA you can utilise this programme online.

In fact, I can't think why I didn't include my blog in my weight loss when I started (I lost half a stone in the first four weeks) but never mind...the timing is great because Slimming World has just launched its online program in the US and Canada.  They have a special promotion at the moment which means you get it cheaper and if you could, pretty please, give my email address as the person who referred you, that would be great.

Like I said, I am very cynical about 'diets'.  This isn't a diet in the traditional painful sense: it is a plan which offers you a healthy lifestyle with room for the niceties in life and treats.  And it works.
The link is:  Slimming World USA
A special offer for friends in the USA - 4 months’ membership for just $40! Saving a massive $100! That’s just $2.50 per week for 16 weeks of weight loss without hunger! *offer ends Oct 31 201
Please remember to include my email address: as a member I get a perk if you join:


  1. thank you for sharing this with us all.
    blessings and love for you cucki xxx

  2. interesting, I will take a peek and well done on your weight loss,


  3. I know a few ladies who had done so well with SW, they would not do anything else, as you say, so easy for all the family to partake and not know they are doing so.

  4. Congrats on the progress and best of luck as you continue the effort. It's so hard to loose but so easy to gain.


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