Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Winners! Updated! Missed one

 So sorry for the delay.  Hospital visits, scans, more blooming needles all messing with my head ;-(
And it must be showing because I forgot to put one of the winners.  4th blogoverssary: 4 winners. Dur..sorry

So, today after a roller coaster day I alloted the names with a number.
Blogger1.  lanybleu
Blogger2.  Chris 
3.  Joyce Clark Frank  
4. Parsley
6.  CathDelete
Blogger7.  CalamityJrDelete
9. Anonymous BritaDelete
Blogger10.  lynda
Blogger11.  Melody
12. Blogger LindaDelete 
13. Blogger Catherine
14  Jenny_stitcher
 Sorry: cut and paste seriously playing up.  I am having a bit of a bad day, can you tell?

Then I random number generated thingy...which I dont seem to be able to work out how to link or cut and paste to show you the results!
 But the winning numbers were 1,4, 5 and  14

So that means congratulations to Lanybleu, Shebafudge and Jenny Stitcher and of course Parsley..sorry P!  Not too sure who is international or not but I will probably buy one of the charts on your wishlist and send it direct to you, and send the hand made item, thread and other item myself.  Does that sound ok?  Cus I have to make them and you might have to wait a wee while but I know those charts on wishlists need to be stitched right?

If the winners could email their details to then we can get the ball rolling.  Congratulations!!!


  1. congratulations to all the winners.
    hugs for you x

  2. Thank you! Congratulations to the other winners too.

    I can't wait to see it....but there's no rush. Ha! that makes no sense at all.

    Email on the way!! :)

  3. Wow!! Thanks so much Gaynor! I am delighted!! There is no hurry on sending anything xx

  4. Congratulations to your winners!

  5. Chuffed to bits, congrats to the other winners.
    Thanks for having this giveaway and congrats on your 4th blogoverssary.

  6. Congrats to your chosen winners.
    Much love and a (big hug) xx


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