Saturday, September 1, 2012

Having a huge clearout! For Sale!

I am having a huge clear out (again).  
NO idea why  I have all these; I never use them! I will also have charts etc for sale and when I work out how I will put a list up on a forsale page.  Email me for details on xx

Complete Lizzie Kate Christmas Rules with Fabric: all new, with little charms etc 6 Charts in Total £ 40.00
Blackbird Designs Mother's Garden £5.00
LHN Part 1, 2 and 3 The Weather Vane (Just Charts, no threads) £ 9.00
LHN Raspberry Patch with fabric £ 5.00
 Blue Ribbon Designs Blooming with Inspiration  £6
Primitive Bettys Stawberries and Bunny (OOP I think) £5
OOP Winnie the Pooh P$ Candle )_ with Aida and threads £5 (package open, been in my draw for ages so looks a litle tatty)
Rabbit Works Forget Me Not £3
OOP Winnie the pooh D16 the Honey Hung (packaging tatty but everything fine) with aida and thread £5
OOP Cricket Collection Alphabet samplers ..old but usable, small crease and some ink on front £ 3
Anchor victorian Travel Sampler with aida and threads..another one shoved in my draw so packaging a bit taggy but all seems ok £ 10
Lizzie Kate Live Laugh Love Snippet £ 3.50
Ewe I and Friends A Christmas to Remember £ 4.00
Primitive Neeldeworks Yuletide Blessings Cupboard Hanger £ 5.00
Rico Design wall hanging with hanger: little girl with stars, hanger like a tree £5 (chart, hanger, threads, evenweave) £ 5
Petite Exemplary NO 2 OOP I think £ 3.00
Heartstring samplery Primitives Tidings of Comfort and Joy £10.00
Historical Sampler Company house and Alphabet sampler: aida and threads £15
Shepherds Bush Snow Folio OOP I think, old but good condition £ 4

I only charge the postage the post office wants
All as new or very good condition unless stated otherwise xxxxxx

I will draw my blogoversarry winners the next few days: I have to go and clear up the gazillions of charts etc still left all over my bedroom floor lol!

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  1. Good luck with the clear out, I could do with sorting my stuff out .


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