Thursday, August 30, 2012

My new best friend! and WIPocolypse (Aug 2)

My stitching mojo is back!  Thankfully because I seem to be in a funny place moodwise (probably because I have a big MRI scan next week) so it is  nice to sit and lose myself in the rhythmic inning and outing of stitching and watching a piece of art grow and grow.  

My youngest is determined to go to school next year so we have been busy falling into a school-like syllabus so he will be prepared.  I am a little sad that he feels he has to go just in case cancer comes back, but he seems to be thriving in our new fund formality and he really does rock at fractions!  And an added bonus is that as he works, I can stitch!  So here is my WIPopcolypse update so far.  It is growing and that is all anyone can ask for!

Meet Jamie, my new best friend.  I have him on loan for 6 months, meat for manners.  His owner is a lovely lady who has given me the confidence to do this.  I was very nervous but now I am just really excited.  Jamie is lovely and comes to me whenever I call his name.

He is a bit of a poser: as soon as he heard the camera he looked up.  'Say Hay' lol.

I am putting Citronella on him so try and keep the pesky biting bugs from biting him.  It works!  They bit me instead!

Isn't he lovely?

I will update the post later with my WIPopocalypse...Thank you Maggee for agreeing to the HUGE xmas exchange!  I am really excited about it (see previous post) and don't forget to enter my giveaway!!!  I draw the winners soon....(two posts back but I have labelled it so just click on the side bar!)


  1. He's beautiful. I know you're both going to have a wonderful six months!

  2. He's handsome. Watch those back legs ;-)

  3. He is absolutely gorgeous. What a lucky gal you are to spend the next 6 months with such a handsome fellow! :)

  4. You're going to have some fun. Will you be riding him too?

  5. He's a handsome chap, what a nice new friend.

  6. I love the piece your working on. What is the name of it? Great looking horse. Glad he's helping you.


  7. Love that red hair, you look great and so does that horse.

    Read back and saw your photos with the sailors, you hussy!! But you looked so happy, what a great time you and your son had.
    Take care

    Love and blessings
    Chris xx

  8. The ship looks great. What piece are you work on?

    And the horse is lovely. Enjoy your time with him.

  9. Your stitches look great! What a handsome new friend!!

  10. Ohh Jamie looks hansom.. Have a wonderful time looking after him for six months. Horses make the best friends, well horses and dogs..


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