Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Smoking fingers!

HI everyone. 
How are you all doing.

I'm not brilliant but in the true spirit of being British, I am fighting the good fight and trying to fill my days with positive moments.
 I've been busy with my Christmas exchange and my giveaway winners hand-made prizes,so can't show you them just yet because I haven't sent them.  I haven't forgotten you guys!  I have decided to send everything together: charts and all, because you know what my mind is like post-chemo!  Chemo brain still lurking and I know, just know I will forget something or send something to the wrong person.  This way I can keep tabs.....or that is the intention!

I do have a few things that I can show you though.

This is my latest block from the quilting magazine.

It looks fuzzy but my camera wouldn't have it any other way lol.  It has a different fabric to what was sent with the magazine: a white floral instead of the polka dot pink.  That's because I cut it out wrong first time. The instructions weren't very clear.  So I found another pink fabric....and did the ruddy same thing!

So...I skipped a few pages to see how it should look like when completed and cut the fabric from that image rather than the instructions.
And of course, me being me, I got to the last  part, sewing the two halves together and I stitched the wrong side.  Which actually makes a really pretty diamond pattern and I was tempted to keep it BUT I am supposed to be learning new blocks so out came the pin (must buy a ripper: on my to-do list) and then I stitched it the right way around.  I am pleased that my seams all see to match.  I can't remember what this block is called but if I never, ever, ever do this one again....it will be far too soon!!

I have also had a chance to do some cross stitch for myself.  Not a lot, just enough to keep me interested in the project.
This is Carriage House Samplings 1797 ship sampler

I'm enjoying it and hope to do more this week.

Tomorrow I start my art course!  I am kindda nervous and kindda excited.  I will be part time but everyone else will be full time. I'm hoping this won't cause problems but since all I want to do is art, then that is what I will focus on.

Now, on a slightly different note.  I know I have several readers who have been on the bc journey and I was just wondering: does anyone know of any links with Tamoxifen and anxiety attacks, or more specifically, heart palpitations (pounding)?  Any feedback much appreciated xxxx

Now, have a great week and see you again soon!


  1. You've done well with that block.
    Enjoy your art course, hope it all goes well. Hope you will share some of your masterpieces with us

  2. Your block looks great, as my Mum says if something goes wrong, it goes wrong... Well dont at sticking with it.
    Good luck today with the Art course. Hope you have a great time.
    Sorry to hear you are under the weather, hope you get sorted soon.

  3. i hope you feel better soon..
    your block is looking so lovely..
    enjoy your art course..
    love for you x

  4. I love your current cross stich project. I love the ship. I need to stitch a ship. The quilt block is fab too.
    Enjoy every minute of your art class.

  5. Hope the Art course goes well and you enjoy every minute of it.

    Loving the new Sampler design, very nice indeed.

    I like your quilting, something i have never tried before. WEll done.


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