Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fabric Book Completed and Updated Post

Hi, sorry but as I am only stitching christmassy things I felt the need to add a theme appropriate to the almost-season.  And for some reason I have lost my dashboard which is where I see all your wonderful blogs listed, ready for me to read.  If anyone knows where it is please let me know...and if you are a new follower, welcome (firstly), I hope you like it here, but (secondly) could you please leave a comment so I can add you to my blog reading/following list?  Thank you muchly xx

I tweaked and completed my book for the Needlework Masters monthly sal .  I ordered wool felt from ebay but when it arrived, it was a completely different size.  The seller said that her terms stated that a bigger peice could be sent in the case of multiple purchases, but even so you would expect the felt to be a multiple of the original size wouldn't you?  So all I would have to do is cut it down?  No..apparently not.   So all I could get from it was one set of pages.

I would have to pay to send it back so rather than waste the money I ordered another peice thinking I could cut two sets of pages from the first but no.  So I have had to re-order two and because I am still waiting for the invoice to pay for the final piece I gave up and ordered some more from another seller.  Fingers crossed I will end up with some decent felt.  I really needed wool or wool blend so it can withstand the ravages of time but whether it happens or not I don't know.

I am really pleased with my finished (almost) book.  I knew I wanted to add to it but needed to make sure I knew what I wanted...and I am glad I waited.  What do you think?

What the inside felt should look like haha.

I repainted my embroiderers ledger.  The first set of colours are water colours and the second are acrylics.
The light isn't brilliant today: the red is a much darker colour. Burgandy.  Still, it is definitely neater than it was.

And I have been drawing.  To be honest I'm not sure if I am going to stay on this art course.  It is 'student' led which apparently means we aren't going to be taught anything.  It is down to us to work it out for ourselves and the people who are on the course with me already have a lot of experience with drawing and painting.  It is quite daunting as I only did a little bit of art with Cancer Care West during radiotherapy.
So basically I don't have a clue.

We had to draw expressions this week.  Poor Robbie Williams....I'm glad he can't see this!

The other guy is a bit better...a murderer.  A mass one from Russia.  Well, it would be wouldn't it.
Right..I really am going to finish a needle roll now!  Have a good week everyone.  Weekend will soon be here!


  1. You should enjoy adding to your book, love the additions to the cover.
    Wish I could draw half as well as you, they've turned out well

  2. Lovely book ..well done
    You draw so lovely..
    Big hugs xxx

  3. I think that you have captured Robbie Williams expression well.

  4. your book is fantastic, I am really looking forward to the start of this SAL and well done on your drawings, I cant draw for toffee x


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