Sunday, September 23, 2012

Busy Weekend

Wow...not sure I like this new blogger....seems a bit technical.
Never mind.

How are you guys ?  Good, I hope.

 I'm great.  It is beautiful and sunny here in Ireland and just so lovely.  It is easy to forget why we love it here so much when all you get is rain and rain...but today: sunshine.  And my little part of the country seems cheerful and happy so how can it fail to make me feel cheerful and happy?

And busy...sunshine has made me busy!

Friday was Friday Night Stitch-in.

So I did.

I have made the cover for my book for the 2013 Stitching Challenge.

I just need to add something to the corner and then it will be done but I have to chose what to add first!
I have some honey coloured felt so decided for rich, opulent Autumnal colours.  It is all straight and level but I took the pictures quickly on my not-so-level and bumpy sofa.

 The inside...just waiting for some felt pages to go into it!

Yesterday I started my first ever needleroll...Lots of new stitches but I seem to be managing.  Unfortunately it is part of a private exchange so I can't show you.  Darn it.

And talking about exchanges, I've completed the four things I needed to make for my blogoversary winners.  Two are ready to post and I'm just waiting for two charts to arrive so I can send the other two.  I love what I have made...I really wanted to keep them so that's a good sign right.  It must mean they turned out ok!

The sunshine blazing through my windows made me get up early.  I shoved the 1980s radio station on (sky tv) FULL BLAST  and baked.  And sang...badly and was wonderful!

My 17 year old son leaves for school at 7.30 am and isn't back until 4.30 pm.  It's a long day for him and he is a growing lad.  The things I buy for his packed lunch just don't seem to keep him full so I now make my own bread (much cheaper and healthier) and snacks.
My kids hate brown bread but don't seem to notice the brown bread flour I sneak in with the white in my own rolls

So, while the bread rises I made flapjacks (with dried fruit), rock cakes (more dried fruit) and madeira buns.  The buns are frozen and come out Thursday so I don't have to bake for the last two days.  It is all done in one day keeping electric bills down and giving me more time to do nice things.

As food prices and petrol and fuel prices go up and up and up, I seem to doing quite well at keeping my bills down!  Back to basics.  And making and baking keeps me healthy.  There is nothing like kneading bread for losing calories, as long as I don't eat the blooming stuff.  Thanks to a certain diet organisation and eating healthier, I have lost 9 lbs over the last four weeks.  Just one stone (14lbs) to go and then I am my target weight.  I only had a stone and half to lose so am doing well.  I am actually back in a size 12..which means I have to wear belts with everything or lose my trousers lol.

Now, just need to feed my kids and then I am sitting down to finish my needleroll.  Have a great week everyone ;-)


  1. You've done really well, keep it up. I have to bake and freeze, Daniel has to take a larder with him to college

  2. Wow cover of your book is looking so lovely..I am still thinking what to do with many ideas are coming in my mind..well let's see ..
    Yummy Yum yum i love the treat so much..
    Enjoy xxx

  3. Love your cover bokk... I'll defintely enjoy watching your book being made over the next year... and your cooking seems delicious :D

  4. What a good idea to bake for the week all on one day. I think that I will do the same. I never think of freezing cakes.

  5. Lovely post!
    Your book cover looks great and I am looking forward to seeing all the stitching that you are doing.
    Your baking looks yummy.
    Congratulations on your weight loss!
    Have a lovely week.

  6. Your fabric book is cute! Good work on FNSI. :)


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