Monday, August 20, 2012

Giveaway and a New Friend

Hi everyone, how are  you?  Doing well?
Well I am good.  More than good.  Better than a bee in a honey pot!

I have actually done some cross stitch...and very nice and relaxing it was too.  I can't show  you yet because it is part of my WIPopocolypse challenge and I want to make sure I have a lot more to show than I did last post (nil).

I have spent all day in Galway at the hospital waiting to find out if my thryoid growth was cancerous but sadly they didnt have the results.  The histology dept. have a backlog because it is holiday season.  I don't mind though.  My surgeon, the amazing Prof. Kerin was good enough to come and apologise which a lot wouldn't have done. He is an amazing man and I am glad he is on my side.  Thyroid cancer isn't a bad one so a few weeks more waiting won't make too much of a difference in the outcome stakes.

To make up for it I got to go to the sea.  I was born and bred in Norfolk quite near the coast and I NEED SEA...not want: need!  So I got to walk on the sand and breath in the sea air and imagine see breeze cleansing and healing me.  I also had my very first ever Subway sandwich.  And guess what?  Putting all the things you really like into one sandwich just does not work!  It is the last time I'll have a roast beef, gherkin, tomato, black olive and cucumber sandwich with sweet chilli sauce, that's for sure!

Oh and I dyed my hair red.  Copper Red.  Well, I figure I have been bald (with no say on the matter), had a skin head (again, with no say on the matter) but I draw the line at my lovely blond hair coming back....mousy brown!!!  So I rebelled and went bright, bright, copper red haha.  I feel so naughty!

I won't get to do much stitching tomorrow because I have to go pull ragwort out of a field.  I have a new friend coming to stay in a few weeks....I wonder if you can guess what kind of friend it might be?

Now lovely pepes, I have a bit of a dilemma.  Remnents of chemo brain and being very, very tired just get in the way of me thinking an original thought.  Come September I will have been blogging for four years.  Yes, four whole years.  And so I want to offer a blogoversary giveaway but I want one which is original and which involves the number four (so maybe four winners???)

I wonder if you could suggest a blogo-birthday giveaway idea?  If I choose your idea, you will become the first winner.  So thinking caps on: what would you do for such a special blog-event???


  1. First of all..WHERE'S THE PIC? Can't wait to see your hair! Good for you! Have some fun as you fight!

    Ideas for a giveaway focusing on four? hmmm How about 4 of the 7 'deadly sins'...

    1. gluttony (We all pig out on tasty treats.)
    2.Sloth (We all like to get stitcher's numb-buns and ignore housework.)
    3.Envy (We all find ourselves envious over other people's stash and finishes.)
    4. Pride (We are all proud of something be it our hobby, pets, etc)

    Funny that I'm suggesting you help us 'sin'. HAHAHAHA

    Nah, it's just fun! Right?

  2. Yet another thing we have in common--I grew up in San Francisco, California--four blocks from the beach! And now I have lived in the Tidewater area of Norfolk, and Virginia Beach--where the beach is very close also! Smiling at ya! I missed my blogoversary this year, and it was my fourth one too! In February! Same as my birthday. So last year, I gave away Three Charts that I had already stitched. Not very creative, but an idea nonetheless. 2 by 2 could be something, original to a giveaway... Like name the most unusual animal on Noah's Ark,or something related along those lines. Or the first one to name how many x's are in a 2 X 2 square of whatever-count fabric... Oh well, that is it for my creativity today! Gotta go do dinner! Hugs my friend!

  3. Congrats on four years of blogging. How about charts that each have 4 designs.


  4. I'm with Parsley, where's the pic? I love the idea of copper red hair, I'm sure its beautiful!

  5. Sounds like the sea air has done you good, I shall look forward to the update photos.
    Red hair seems very appropriate for Ireland.
    As for fourth anniversarys, traditionally flowers, or linen/silk. That should tie in well with stitchy things

  6. A big congratulations on four year of blogging:)
    Hugs x

  7. Would love to see the hair, pics please.. Sounds gorgeous.
    Please put gloves on to pull that Ragwort, its horrid stuff and can get you through your skin too. Naaty.
    Congrats on 4 years of blogging.
    Your giveaway could be something emerald.

  8. Yep , we need pics.

    Hmm , thinking that maybe you could have four winners , but let them choose the prizes for the others , just to shake things up a bit. you give a list and them one has to choose something for the next etc .

  9. Got me thinking now ,is your new friend of an equine persuasion ?

  10. Another pic wanter here, need to see the copper top!

    What about the 4 seasons, a different theme for each gift? Congrats on 4 years blogging, well done.

    I think a walk at the beach is magnificent and such a soul filler, cleanses body and mind with its smells, sounds and viewings.

    much love xxx

    p.s. are you getting a donkey?

  11. Your hair sounds fabulous! Your Subway experience makes me smile.
    I am too tired to think of anything for a giveaway too.
    I just enjoy your updates.

  12. Hair pic???
    Four, Hmm, maybe 4 small items in a gift, chart, needle, etc, not necessarily all stitching related.
    Congrats on 4 years of blogging.

  13. Hi Gaynor, Sorry but I jumped the gun with The Travelling Pattern and it seems a list is held by Lynda of all the original recipients so I can't offer it I made a mistake.

    As for your blogoversary gifts I would have thought it would be obvious
    1.. A post card size painting by you
    2.. A post card size cross stitch chart
    3.. A post card size patchwork by you

    4... A post card size cross stitch by you
    The post card size is just a suggested size, it could be slightly bigger?
    Chris xx

  14. Ps Where is the pic of you with red hair????LOLOLOL


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