Sunday, August 26, 2012

Giveaway Final and Every Girl Loves a Sailor!

Hi, how are you all?  Enjoying the weekend I hope.

On Saturday I took my son all by myself to Dublin on the train to see the tall ships.  I realised that as my son is home educated I teach fractions, spellings, geography etc,  as well as be the one to discipline, organise and generally have to be mum whilst dad gets to do the fun stuff and be a mate and friend.

So, I packed our bags and off we went.  It was sooooo crowded but whilst it was busy, busy, busy, it was also pretty amazing.

Can you see the guys up in the rigging?

 And as I say in my heading, every girl loves a sailor!  Or in my case, several!!!!  I was determined to get my piccie taken with a sailor!  The lines were soooo long for getting on any ships but we managed it in the end.  Thank you so much the ship from Ecuador!!!  The lovely Guayas and of course your amazing sailors and officers!

 OK, well this guy looks a bit scared.

These guys were laughing at my friend Kate, whom we met up with.  She was taking the picture and kept telling them to get closer...and closer...and closer.  Personally methinks they quite like it!

 And why have an officer and a gentleman when you can have two officers!!!!  Yum....and the famous red hair (now going a bit orange ha ha!).
Here is a picture of the Guayas leaving Dublin today.

It was a great day.  A pity the train lines hadn't allowed for the number of people who wanted to go (had to get that one in) but other than that perfect.  We especially loved the Viking demonstration: my son was especially pleased to learn how to make a proper bow out of ash and linen twine, and gut a hare.  Don't ask about the last bit, but along with fox skins and wolf skins and the way children enjoy gruesome, it all went down really well.

I have finally decided what I want to do with regards to my four year blogverssary.  The ideas you gave me were all amazing but I know there is a recession on  and I do tend to do a huge giveaway during Christmas so I like kate's idea of giving four things to four people: of course Kate is one of those people because I chose her idea...this way four people get a little something nice in the post. I will send something hand made, a thread, a chart and a mystery fourth item.  I know it isnt huge but I promise all my heart will go into it xx (well, what is left after giving it quite freely to the gorgeous sailors lol).

 So, what do you need to do?  If you would like to enter my giveaway you need to comment on this post only with the following details.

1. Your favourite colour
2. Your favourite designer
3.  Three charts on your wish list 

And that is it.  If you don't have a blog please make sure I can contact you.  It might be nice if you mention the giveaway on your blog: not because I really want more readers, but it is nice to share things like this.  One person: one entry (I get easily confuzzled lol).  I will draw names out around the 1st September xx  Good luck everyone.


  1. Hi there! Your hair looks great! I like it! Fun, fun fun with the guys in uniform, eh? I would have done the same, even if I don't have a kid along! Love the tall ships, and did you notice the sky in your pics? Quite striking! Not going to enter your giveaway cause the post is high, but Happy Blog-0-versary to you anyway! Hugs!

  2. Lucky think going to the tall ship festival, bet it was a sight to see.
    Love the red hair, really does suit you well and you look so happy, all those sailors...:-)
    I would love a chance in your givaway, a great idea.
    My fav colour is blue
    My fav designer is Isabella Abbiati of The Primitive Hare
    and on my wishlist there are
    Linda's Ort Bag Chart Victoria Sampler
    Christmas Carol Sock, Primitive Hare
    Celtic Beauty - Papillon Creations.

  3. What a wonderful day you guys had! The ships look amazing and the sailors are very cute!
    What a great idea for your giveaway.
    Here is my entry info.
    2-Prairie Schooler
    3-Orchard House by Primitive Hare
    Nantucket by Little House Needleworks
    Patriot Inn by Little House Needle works.

    Thanks for the chance!
    Have a great week!

  4. I love the pictures with the sailers. What fun you had.
    1. Your favourite colour
    2. Your favourite designer
    Little House Needleworks
    3. Three charts on your wish list
    Victoria Sampler Woodland Babies by Cathy Jean
    The Old Doll-Little House Needleworks
    Ice Cream Sundae-Country Cottage needleworks

  5. How exciting,must have been a fabulous day. My dad was sent onto a merchant naval training ship like this when he was only 13 years old, he told lots of stories about running up the rigging.

    Good luck to all who enter your giveaway.

  6. Oh I LOVE your hair color. Makes me smile! You look great!

    Fun idea Kate had. Hmmm, let me see.

    1. Color- that's easy! I love soft pink.
    2. Designer- that's hard. I usually stitch LHN and CCN but I'm wanting a change.
    3. Charts- that's hardest! I started a wish list but I couldn't choose today.

    Guess if I win you can have a little fun surprising me since I'm not sure about which designers or charts. lol

    Thanks for the fun.

  7. looks like you had a fabulous time and I am sure X did too, lol.

  8. I love the pictures of the tall ships, they look amazing!

    I would love to enter your giveaway please. Congratulations on 4 years of blogging!

  9. would help wouldn't it! Thank you for letting me know.

    My favourite colours are autumnal or jewel colours. I wouldn't say I have a definite favourite although if I had to be pushed it would probably be a strong blue not a wishy washy one.

    Favourite designer? Just one? Arrghh...Lizzie Kate maybe, CCN.

    In the Meadow CCN
    Christmas Tree Collection II JBW
    2012 Santa Lizzie Kate

  10. Your hair looks great , thanks for the pics . The ships look amazing , sounds like a good weekend .
    Please enter me for your giveaway , I love blue and autumn shades , like LK ,LHN, Bent Creek etc , and would love any of the LHN ornie charts .
    I am a follower ,and e-mail is in my profile .

  11. I'm so glad you got brave and made the trip with your son. Such great memories for both of you! What a great giveaway - happy blogoversary; thanks for all you share.
    1. blue (and purple, and yellow, and... )
    2. My Big Toe
    3. How Great Thou Art - My Big Toe,
    Promise of Spring, Silver Creek Samplers, Dictionary of Teas - Bothy Threads

  12. Hello dear Looks like you had lovely time..beautiful pictures..
    Please count me in the giveaway .
    My fav color is brown
    I love bent creek and lhn .
    For the charts and designer if I win I like a surprise :)
    Big hugs xxx

  13. Now this is another example that our worlds are connected by more than cross stitch - I saw some of the same ships in Kiel, Germany at the end of June this year and it was just amazing! I envy you your day and I'm sooo glad you and your son enjoyed them, too. Shame about the trains, but this is an international problem, too. They never seem to allow for anything like this.

    Love your "new" hair. Thanks for putting your photos up. You certainly look like you were having fun - and most of the sailors, too ;-)

  14. You look like you were having a wonderful day!
    I would love a chance in your giveaway...
    fave color: all the autumn colors
    fave designer: too many to count, but I love all kinds of samplers from LK to reproductions
    wishlist: Evening Shades the garden (Blackbird Designs); Celtic banner (Butternut Road); Time & Seasons (Moira Blackburn)

    Thanks for the chance and congratulations!

  15. What a treat for your son! I'm sure that will be a day he'll remember forever. I'm loving your hair (us redheads must stick together, lol).

    I'm thrilled to enter your giveaway. I'm a new follower and it looks like I got here just in time!

    1. Color - Yellow
    2. Designer - Nora Corbett
    3. Charts -

    - Dressmakers' Daughter- Mirabilia
    - Earth Moon- HAED
    - Millenium- TW

    My blog is

  16. What an awesome trip you and your son had. How great it would be to see all the ships. I would love to be entered in your giveaway.
    1. Green
    2. Diane Arthurs (have 95% of her charts.
    3. Lizzie Kate - ABC's of Aging Artfully, LHN Four Corners Part 2 and 3

    Thanks for a great giveaway. Linda

  17. What a fun day!!
    Your giveaway sounds fun! I don't really have a favorite color, but do prefer primitive or muted colors. I love Heartstring Samplery patterns. And three n my list right now are, Stars and Diamonds by Heartstring Samplery, Raven Fob by Barbara Ann, and Sweet Simple Things by LK.

  18. Hiya :)
    Favourite colour is yellow- pale or bold :)
    Favourite designers are Emily Peacock or Little House Needlewoeka or lizzie Kate
    Wish list- lizzie Kate Christmas Santa 2012, anyone of the less=more lizzie Kate double flip series and shabby chic sampler by little dove designs.

    I am ashamed to say I didn't see the tall ships despite living in Dublin!!

  19. Hiya :)
    Favourite colour is yellow- pale or bold :)
    Favourite designers are Emily Peacock or Little House Needlewoeka or lizzie Kate
    Wish list- lizzie Kate Christmas Santa 2012, anyone of the less=more lizzie Kate double flip series and shabby chic sampler by little dove designs.

    I am ashamed to say I didn't see the tall ships despite living in Dublin!!


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