Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Missing in Action

HI everyone, how are you all?  I see from your blogs your are all being very productive and creative!  You should all be very proud of yourselves.  I love reading your blogs and can waste lose many, many hours going from blog to blog and then some.  I go through your reading lists as well.
There are just so many amazingly clever ladies (and gents though less of these it seems) out there who are generous in sharing their creations with us.

Many sociologists and psychologist have done studies on the differences between men and women: women build social networks whatever society they are in (despite the attempts of some faiths to prevent this).  It would make sense then that women also use modern media techniques to build networks and cyber-societies with whatever technology is available.  We are clever aren't we: we rock!  And if I had the life span, interest and money, I would be studying this phenomenon myself.  But I don't, so I won't, and instead I will try to be creative alongside my cohorts!

I seem to have lost my stitching mojo: I have done a little but a dodgy blood result has thrown me and I haven't been sleeping. Cross stitch requires concentration I just don't have at the moment. And we have had sunny moments here in Ireland so no way was I wasting them! 
But don't worry.  I haven't lost all my of my urge to make and create. I have been stitching in other ways.

I have done three more blocks from the quilting magazine (despite it arriving with fabric missing).

The windmill was blue but as the sashing will be white, I switched them.  I am pretty pleased with how these are going.  Practice makes perfect hey?
I have blocks cut up ready to start my first ever biggee quilt but am stalling with cutting out the sashing.  Maybe this afternoon as it is raining outside.

The fabric is Moda and is really, really lovely.  It is a layer cake and I have to admit I am a bit nervous about starting this one!

I go to a quilting group.  Roscommon Quilting Group.  The ladies are amazing.  The first two times I took cross stitch because ' you will never get me quilting!' and the third time I visited one of the ladies gave me a quiting panel.  I found the perfect material to edge it with and have added coloured corners.  This will be hand quilted.  I find hand quilting very relaxing and can just watch tv or listen to the familly whilst I stitch.

I don't have a single baby or toddler in my family so when it is finished I am going to raffle it to raise money for Castlerea Cancer Care.  I do have a wee question pretty please for any quilters who may be reading this.  I have white backing fabric but want to quilt it in primary colours.  This will of course show through on the backing fabric.  Should I quilt it in white or do your think I should add a different backing fabric and then the attach the white backing when I add the final border, so the back is unquilted?  I couldn't find a colour I liked to do the back in so it had to be white.

I had family staying over this week so that took up some time; time well spent though.  I hate watercolours: no idea how to use them and so I decided how to work them out.
Here are my first three efforts.

I didn't spend a lot of time on them.  The first two sepia tone pictures were all done in just one colour to help me learn to use different brush techniques.   The third picture was my first attempt at using colour..and of course I didn't have the exact colours required but I managed.  I can see a gazillion areas that need a bit more work and practice, but then I am a perfectionist.  The pictures aren't going to be changed at this stage. Instead they will be kept so I see if I improve.

T''Internet doesn't do them justice really but here they are!

Isn't it funny how crap times in life can act as catalysts to spur us on to try new things?  I honestly, from the bottom of my heart, cannot say that getting cancer was all bad.  I know that sounds strange and believe me, I am still terrified of leaving my children before they grow up but at this moment in time, look at what has resulting from it.

I have made amazing new friends.
I paint
I quilt
I see wonder in all things and never get phased by silly little things as I did before.
Saying that, I am hoping I will be around for at least four years more....or there will be a lot of storms when I go up there with all the yelling I will do rofl.

As part of trying to acheive this I joined slimming world last week.  Not sure if it has started to work as my wonderful in-laws took us to a chinese restaurant, and my son cooked (chocolate fudge of all things!!) and you just can't refuse to try what your children make.  So fingers crossed.  My first proper weigh in is tonight.  I got one heck of a shock last week as it turns out my home scales are stuck on the same number no matter who stands on them to get weighed lol.

Right, that is me done for today. Have a lovely week everyone xxxx


  1. I'd quilt it in white, if it has a white backing, it wouldn't look out of place.
    I like the sound of your scale, can I borrow them?

  2. I love your paintings especially the one with colours in it. You are way too modest.

  3. The quilt squares are coming on well ,and I love your pictures , they are great . Stop putting yourself down !

  4. I'm about to try some quilting myself. I'll need some luck.

    Your paintings are beautiful!

    I thought of you yesterday when I saw my Irish bookmark. I won it when I blogged as 'Autumn', remember? Anyway, when I see it I think of you and send positive vibes your way.

  5. aww i love your paintings so much..from my heart..
    hugs xxxx

  6. Holy crackers!!! Those paintings are fantastic. I bet you would sell them.


  7. You have such a talent for painting, these are stunners. I can see you selling your work and becoming a well known artist.

  8. See?? Everyone will agree that your paintings are fantastic! I also love them! Your quilt squares are looking quite nice... Keep doing whatever makes you happy at that moment. No one says you HAVE to do one particular craft only!! Expand your skills! Big Hugs!

  9. Wow! I think that your paintings are so amazing.
    Lovely quilting too.
    I am keeping your in my thoughts a prayers!

  10. Wowzers!! I would love to have any of your paintings ~ they are beautiful!!
    Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers....

  11. Hi

    Your paintings are amazing, well done, for some one who has only just started they are really good.. keep at it.
    And well done on the quilting, I too have taken up quilting altho I machine sew mine, just finished one for my GD.. To answer your question. I think quilting in primary colours would be fine on your white backing. I love to see the stitching on the reverse sides. It will give it a more interesting look in my view.
    Take care, love and blessings..
    Have faith!
    Chris xx


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