Wednesday, July 25, 2012

New Painting

When I read other people's blogs I find I am constantly being inspired.  There are some posts where you can positively see me drooling and salivating over the creativity and genius within our crafty blog community.  Without blogland I wouldn't have even considered trying quilting, evenweave or even using a sewing machine.

I found inspiration of a different kind over on Terry's Blog.

This month I decided to try painting because I couldn't afford to buy anything to decorate my bedroom.
I wasn't going to do any more but then I saw this.
This is a picture Terry took of the Ohio sun setting.

I emailed to ask her if I could use it to base a painting on to which she obviously replied yes (I felt t'was polite to ask..thank you Terry)..and this is what I came up with this afternoon.

Hope you think it is ok...but...BUT Terry is to blame for more than the above painting *(which is still wet and that is why it is shiny lol) I looked at her photo I thought to myself how much I would like to actually know what I am doing when it comes to art.  I really enjoyed you do....I have applied to do a degree in Art and Design!!!

It is part time and I asked to start in 2013 because I have more surgery next week and possibly another one afterwards...but after a phone interview and them asking me what I do...they want me to apply for this year!  This September!!!!


I have to have a portfolio of 20 peices ...well, that is four done rofl.   They are giving me until September to finish it but between you and I, I haven't a clue what I am doing.  So..Thanks Terry, it is ok.  I am sure it will be fun lol.  I will just have to keep stalking blogland to see what other photos inspire me!

Have a good week everyone, and please, read my previous post re: update for Ellie and Getwell cards for Ellie.


  1. Terry is good like that, lol. This is brilliant, you should have a ball with this course

  2. Very pretty , both the photo and your painting ,good luck with the course. XXX

  3. Well done its really good, I shall pop back to see how you're doing and the other 19 pieces!!
    Also read back and saw the photo of you and your son and your hair is growing back, yipee!
    Still saying a word or two for you each day..
    Blessings and Love
    Chris xxxxx

  4. Wonderful! Get painting... school sounds very exciting.

  5. Your painting looks wonderful! I'm so happy I could help out in my small way. :0)

  6. How exciting, this latest painting is spectacular.
    Hope all goes well with the surgery, will be sending positive healing thoughts xxxx

  7. Love it! Looking forward to seeing what else you come up with!


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