Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Cards for Ellie

Some of you might remember Ellie.  She is an amazingly brave little girl who has a condition which causes tumours etc.  At the moment she is undergoing months and months of chemo to try to shrink a tumour which is threatening her sight.

I had four rounds of chemotherapy which was hard: Ellie has many more than me and seems to get through all the problems and complications with a great big smile.

Many of you have sent Ellie a get well card: it is starting to get even tougher for her now so I am pleading with you to please send her another or a post card from where you live.  She also collects the stamps and loves to learn a little about where you come from.  This is all this lovely family wants.  No money, no gifts, just a card to help them to remember they are not alone: they are part of an even bigger family and support network aka you.
A few of the cards Ellie has received. 

You can click on Ellie's name above to visit her blog and the first post explains a little more about her condition.  Her address is;
 Ellie Dixon
97 Priory Lodge


Co. Kildare


And please add this to your blogs for just a little while.  Thank you!

1 comment:

  1. hello deary,
    i just visited the blog for ellie and i am following it now..
    thank you for sharing this
    she is my prayers and lots of love for her.
    hugs for you too xxx


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