Monday, July 23, 2012

Finally some craft!!

Yup...honestly.  I spent the whole of yesterday sewing and stitching and being a busy, busy bee.  I have to have another surgical proceedure in just over a weeks time and boy isn't craft great for keeping you mind off such things.

Firstly, I have finished my panel.  I am thrilled.  I really enjoyed hand stitching the motives to get that lovely puffed-up effect.  I machine quilted around the borders and of course added the very medieval type material around the outside: I know there is a name for this style but darned if I can remember it.  The first picture is of the quilt and the second is what the colours really look like.  Darn light.  Darn camera.  Darn pictures xx

I learnt a lot doing the binding...which is teacher-talk for made a lot of booboos.  I used 2 inches of material doubled (crafty tip given to me by one of the wonderful quilters at my group).  I think next time I will use 2.5 inches and give myself a little more of a border effect.  Also, not sure what I did to get the corners: not convinced that what I did was right but I  know not to do it next time!  Lessons learnt!

I have to admit though, it was a pain hand stitching the back of the binding..I know I didn't have to stay up into the small hours to get it finished but I really, really wanted to.
I used a stitch which I usually use to join knitted seams.  It makes an invisible seam to I am thrilled to say it worked here as well.

I also took the two blocks I cut out ages and ages ago from the quilting magazine and simply went for it. No thinking, no analysing...just plain stitching.

A little stitching has been achieved...

And it was fun. I have a blank canvas waiting for me to play with it and a portfolio to develop because I am applying to do an art degree!!  I know!!  How exciting...doesnt mean I will get on it but the portfolio itself will be fun, fun, fun!

Have a great week everyone!


  1. You've been busy! They all look beautiful!

    I hope your surgery goes well...


  2. I always use 21/2" for bindings, unless it's something really small. That quilt looks fabulous, and will be a lovely addition to your room.

  3. Wow everything is so lovely xxx

  4. That panel is gorgeous, best of luck with your surgery.

  5. The panel looks great. So do your other projects :)

  6. Your quilt looks great! And I love the stitched boat! :0)


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