Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Review for Yiotas Xstitch

Hi everyone.  Wow...I don't know about you guys but I am sooooo enjoying the sunshine over here in sunny and not rainy Ireland.  It is beautiful.  And it is set to remain lovely over the weekend so it should be sunny on my birthday!!!  My birthday is on Saturday and I will be 42.  We have a birthday tradition where the birthday boy or girl gets to chose what to do on their day.  Usually we chose somewhere to eat and an activity. This is harder to achieve in rural Ireland.  There are not so many choices of where to eat and it is very expensive: not like the UK but we usually manage to have a great time.  I have decided I want to go to Galway and the beach.  I love the sea and it would be a perfect birthday treat.

A week later my son will be 12. 

When I was first told I had cancer,  I told the surgeon I had to have five years of life at least, to help my son through secondary school and his exams, just like I helped his sister (23) and brother (17).
My son overheard this and announced this week that once he is 12 I only have four years to get through!!!
lol: I know what he means but it was very funny.  Out of the mouths of babes haha!

I was recently asked to chose a cross stitch kit from Yiotas Cross Stitch  and write a review about it.   Wow..what a privilege.

I had a good look through and wow: what a selection. I do not normally buy cross stitch kits but I was impressed by the choice and variety, especially the Van Gogh kits and the fairy kits...  However, we have three dogs, one of whom is getting a little bit on in years.

This is Portley...he was a tan-grizzle border terrier but now he is gray...grey, old and has very selective hearing!

So it had to be this kit didn't it!

This is the spitting image of Portley when he was younger and not so gray lol.

The kit has arrived with evenweave fabric. 

I know..I know....all year I have been complaining about the lack of light when taking my there is too much light!

The threads are bound on great quality bobbins and clearly labelled which is great.  One of the reasons I never buy kits is I hate sorting their threads out!

The instructions are clear and the chart is very easy to read...nice big symbols.

The fabric is great quality and there is plenty of it.

I am really looking forwards to stitching it especially as the colours are actually very pretty.  Usually when you stitch something real, there are lots of very dull colours but I love the fact that the terrier is surrounded by pretty lilacs and mauves...I would have hated a repeat of that dreaded Jaguar E Type which had millions of dark greys and nearly-blacks.  I think this will be really good fun to stitch and I intend to personalise so we will always have Portley, long after he has gone to doggie heaven!

I will also be buying from Yiotas again.  They have very genuine designs and the quality is very good!


  1. thank you very much for your review!

  2. You are so right about their charts! I absolutely love Monet... Your doggie chart looks just like a portrait of your puppy. Good luck stitching it, can wait to see the progress.

  3. Oops, I wanted to say I can't wait to see the progress. Just start stitching it!

  4. I love the pattern you've chosen. DOGS RULE! :)

  5. I love kits where the thread is already sorted, nothing worse than trying to work out which colour is which. Looks like a lovely pattern, you should enjoy stitching it
    Have a great weekend and enjoy your day at the beach

  6. Great review. I also love her kits and charts. And he does look like your Portley.


  7. I enjoyed reading your review, what a great kit. Looking forward to seeing it stitched.

  8. i remember you stitching that jaguar kit sooooo well haha how did we get through those bloody colours. how lucky to be able to review a kit. im off to have a look at the web site to see if their is a cocker spaniel

  9. Happy Birthday! Gaynor. Wishing you joy, hope and love. May you have large helpings of the things you love. xxx Pokua

  10. Belated birthday wishes to you Gaynor, we were partying here yesterday, Isabelle celebrated her very 1st birthday. I hope you had a wonderful day.


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