Monday, May 28, 2012

Colour Challenge

I recently took part in a colour challenge organised through Lydias Treasures.  My partner Michell (on my blog list) sent me the most amazing stuff.  I am honestly in awe and impressed with what she made me.

I love turquoise and aqa colours and pink.  I really didnt think about it at the time but with hindsight, turquoise is not the easiest colour to accomodate...but Michell did perfectly.  Sorry pet...I will chose an easier colour next time,

 My hand made items were a mug rug (I think that is what it is called) which has pride of place on my bedside cabinet.  I also received a towel which has a hand made towel holder attached to it.  This is such an amazing idea...and so effective!   I have never seen one before and it really fascinates me.  I get so fed up of towels being found on the floor after the boys have been in the bathroom and yet there was a simple solution out there lol.  Guess what I am going to have a go at making???

Can you see...I have opened the flap to show the velcro strip which holds it together and so you can hoop it over a towel rail and attach the velcro....I love it!

 I also got jelly babies (as you can see they have nearly all gone in the photo and in fact have completely gone now!) , buttons, beads, threads: stranded and matching shiny threads.  A beautiful cross stitch book mark with a New Zealand swamp hen on, magnetic frame and notebook and more buttons and thread.  Wow!  I loved opening all this xmas come early!

Thank you is wonderful and I love it all.  And thank you Lydias Treasures for such a well organised exchange.  It pushed my own stitching skills and I am inspired by what I have recieved: and most importantly, it was fun, fun, fun!

Yesterday was my birthday...the grand old age of 42.  42 years of life filled fully.  I have lived through two murder attemptes, an arson attack, my baby daughter having an attempted abduction, divorce, remarriage, and 41 house moves.  Quite a life.  I have been a babysitter, vets assistant, shelf stacker, retail supervisor, assistant manageress, child minder, laundry sorter, bar maid, care assistant, teacher, lecturer, holistic therapist and spiritual teacher...and most importantly mum...none of which are in order but listed as they came to mind.

I have had a fatwa called against me (sounds more glam than it is:) and had my identity changed....though I have now changed it back.
I have done some stupid things in my life: getting cancer was probably the most stupid so I am def. going to try not to do that again! ;-)
How did I spend my 42 birthday?

I spent it volunteering at the ISPCA animal shelter.  Walking dogs who are waiting for 'forever' home and doing whatever needed doing.  I got my training ok: lots of walking.  Best bit was watching over mum and five 4 week old pups, allowed out into the special puppy walking area for delicate babies too young for vaccinations.  I had mum on a lead and was told babies would follow.  Little girl puppies did indeed follow: little boy puppies all wanted to go in seperate directions. Typical.  I think I aged ten years.  I had to keep doing head counts and you may have heard me.
" one, two, three, four, five...good puppies.  One, two three, four....four....oh bugger"
It was great fun and I have to say it was the best birthday ever.

Hubby came to pick me up at home time and I came home to home made sausage and mash..and birthday cake.  Lovely.  I have treated myself to a tiny amount of stitching stash from my two sons.  My daughter bought me my favourite bottle of Rioja: I do not drink very often since the cancer but a glass of very special red occassionally will not kill me.  My sons also bought me some tomato grow bags which I want for my tom. plants lol.  I know...I live glamorously haha.

It really was an amazing day and today  I got to spend all day in the garden planting out and changing the polytunnel around: I harvested a years worth of coriander and parsley which is wonderful.  So all in all I have had a perfect birthday weekend.  Simple things in life are often the best xxx

Oh, nearly forgot...and over the week I walked 26 miles!!!  So smiles and sore feet all around.

Have a lovely week everyone xxxxxxx and thank you for popping by.


  1. That's one of my favourite colours too. I can fully understand the excitement opening this parcel, everything is beautiful.
    Glad you enjoyed your weekend, enjoy the week ahead

  2. What a special way to spend your birthday!! Happy Birthday Girl!
    I love the colorful exchange, everything looks lovely.

  3. A stunning parcel, love the towel with its hanger, so clever and such a simple idea.
    Awww i bet the little puppies were so cute, what a great way to get your walking in. Sounds like the best of birthdays spent doing just what you wanted too.
    Well done on the 26 miles, that is an amazing achievement.

  4. Happy Birthday for yesterday. Sounds like you had a fab time . Looking forward to seeing your new stash ,lol .

  5. Happy Belated Birthday. Love the exchange that was sent to you :) It sounds like you have had quite the adventure in 42 years! I admire your spirit and perseverance :)

    Have a great day!

  6. Happy, happy birthday! Lovely stash you got. I love that towel idea as well!

  7. I hope you had a great birthday !!!!
    All of your stitching goodies look wonderful :)

  8. Love those blues and all the goodies!
    Happy Birthday to you! You certainly have seen and experienced many things in your life. Here's to many more wonderful years!

  9. Wonderful gifts from your colour challenge partner. And Happy Birthday! It sounds like you had a great time with the pups. :)


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