Monday, May 21, 2012

Howdy Dowdy

Hi everyone,  how you doing?
I have new followers!  Hi, how are you? You are very welcome here..I hope you enjoy visiting xx

I am fine right now..tired but fine.

Thank you for the comments re: new starts with my lovely new charts.  Unfortunately I can't do multiple stresses me out.  I have spent so much time this week thinking about what I will be doing that I didn't actually do anything ...(sad sigh).

I have been stitching on my Feathered Friends but only have a big ol' block of cream done so I won't show it if that is ok.

I received my first quilting magazine from the UK and did the first block.  If you are an experienced quilter, look away now.  You might cry or fly straight over here to help me hint hint lol.

I am not impressed with the quality of the material with the mag but that is fine: It is just for practice.

So...I am pleased I got the corners to match up and everything cut out correctly.  I double checked everything and each square measured what they were supposed how come It doesn't look very square like as a whole???
I think it might be because I started stitching in on my friend's machine at quilting club but then I finished it on my own and there might be a slight difference in seam allowance.  Or I am just crap at quilting rofl. hour and a half cutting out the blocks because I was so scared of getting them wrong.

An hour and a half sewing it together (several times as I got the buildings upside down once and didn't match the corners properly the first time on one set of squares).

Three hours for one block.  Hmmmm...methinks my life is just not long enough for a quilt rofl...or will I get better?  We will see.

I started training last week for my big walk from my home to Galway to raise money for Cancer Care West.
Last week I walked  26 KM....and went horse riding which was a big mistake.  It was the first time I have been in years and wow...did I hurt the next few days afterwards.

I am pleased to be training and we are playing it by ear as I still have chemo and radiotherapy side effects....but what really bothers me....really and truly is that despite walking 26 k,. burning over 1700 calories and eating healthily  I PUT ON 2 LBS!!!  How does that work???

I am not impressed grrrrrrrrrrr.

I need to lose about a stone (14 lbs)...(or I think it is 14 lbs) to be healthy and get rid of excess fat which makes oestrogen which is BAD for people who have had hormone linked breast cancer.  My trainer says I could be converting it to muscle and has taken body measurements so we will see how it changes over the next four weeks.  Seriously...putting on weight???? 

If I train according to my plan, I will have walked 711 km or 442 miles.
I dunno...I am almost tempted to ask for sponsorship for the training as well as the actual walk of 88 km.
What do you think?  I have a blog which is what I will use to record all my training etc so please pop over and support me.  It is at the top of my blog under the title...
Righty oh...must finish tea and then I am going to treat myself to some stitching.  Cream again it is lol xxx
Have a great week everyone and thanks for popping by xx


  1. Good luck with the training. I really need to loose some weight myself. I wish I could stitch and walk at the same time!

  2. Oh...autumn/parsley...same me.

  3. It gets easier and better, believe me, I know! I have the evidence upstairs to prove it.
    Cream sounds like a treat to me

  4. The quilt square looks super, its something i have never tried, so you are better than me at it! LOL

    Well done on the training.. GO GAYNOR!!!

  5. Hang in there! When you first start training things like that happen. You are doing some amazing things.
    I totally understand the project/stitching ADD. It is hard to settle down to work on something when you have multiple things beckoning.
    Have a great week, I am keeping you in my thoughts :)

  6. Well done on your first square! A tip that hubby has for a perfect seam allowance is to mark on his sewing machine 1/4" and that is what he uses as a guide. Although now he has 1/4" foot which is a good guide now that he has the new machine. With patchwork and quilting it really is a case of practice makes perfect!

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