Thursday, April 19, 2012

Spring Exchange and Stitchyness

Thank you to the people who have nominated me for a blog award.  I am sorry but despite trying for two weeks now I still have no idea how to add it lol.  Thank you though: the thought was lovely xxxx

Proof I have been stitching...and proof that occasionally my camera will do what it is supposed to do.  I am hoping to get some more hours on the above piece but after walking 5.5 kms today, lots of house work and so on..the fatigue is sneaking in.  I love the effects of the threads.  I am using Belle Soir, a Autumn colour but I can't remember which because I took the floss off the label and tidied up so goodness knows where I have put it lol.

I offered one of my used charts in a previous post and I used it as an excuse to put a small selection of gifts together...a giveaway combined with an RAK.  The Whispers of Autumn AKA Deena has let me know it has arrived and because my camera is a pain, I will 'borrow' her photo.  I am glad you like it Deena and that it got there safetly.

I also received my Spring Exchange gift from Helen (Emerald Isle Cross stitch Yahoo Group) and it seems one decent photo is all my camera is willing to give me.  I will try to get a better photo Helen but the light is going now.

It is a beautiful scissor fob and a daisy wall hanging.  Darn this camera!!!

If I can get a better picture I will add it...they really do not give any justice to the stitching. I love daisies..they are my favourite flower so it was really kind of Helen to send me this.  Thank you Helen xxx

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  1. Lovely giveaway gift you put together.

    The daisy is lovely and i bet the fob looks right at home on your scissors.


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