Monday, April 23, 2012

Pride Cometh Before the Fall

Those of you who know me or who have followed my blog for a while will remember my absolute loathing and fear of using the sewing machine. And for those who are new following me, welcome.  Not sure why you are here but you are very welcome and it will be great getting to know you!

Anyway, back to sewing machines.   The thing hates me.  My fabric hates me.  My scissors and rotary cutter hate me and my rulers are never as straight as everyone elses.

However, this is a fear that I am determined to get over. I have even ordered a UK quilting magazine in the hope I can learn to sew and cut pieces properly and try new blocks ( or work out what a block is rofl).

A while ago I bought some rick rack, trim and buttons from a well known blogger who is often having giveaways.  Unfortunately I cannot tell you who she is, as blogger has changed.  Those blogs who do not fit on my ' following list' are to be found on my dashboard, which with a click of the button, I can get up and read.  But blogger has changed and I can't even find the ruddy dashboard!   I am sure one you can leave a comment (once I work out how to enable them!) and remind me who she is.

As I was  drooling examining my beautiful hand dyed felty trims and rickrack I fell in love with a beautiful golden mustardy one.  It was lovely.  So I then had a look through my threads and luckily I found a a Belle Soire thread which matched.

Thread and rickrack in hand I stitched Yellow Bird by La D Da.
I know it is not normally how we do things: find a finishing item such as ric rak and the find a thread, material and pattern to match, but it is what I did and I love the result!

 I even found some material in my stash which matched  the pattern of the leaves.  It is not quite the right colour as we have a very cloudy day today but it is as close as I am going to get it.  Isn't it lovely?  I was so proud of it.

 Then came the stitching bit.  

Well of course I couldn't get the right tension for my stitches but luckily I was trying it out on some scraps of material.  Ha!  See, I know my cursed machine well.  It does 35 different stitches apparently but I can't even get it to do a normal straight stitch properly!

Eventually after checking the needle, taking thread and reels out a few times, swearing at it, pleading, begging, crying, more swearing and just as I was about to phone a started to work properly. No idea what I did to make it work of course so if it happens again I will have to go through the same scenario.

I stitched it beautifully.
I gloated at how I remembered to add interfacing to the stitching area to stop the stuffing from coming out.
I oozed confidence when I saw how straight my sewing was.
I boasted to myself about how I knew I would not have to use pins which usually end up on the floor and can be found (painfully) several weeks later.
I preened and sat joyously watching my machine go through the beautiful fabric.
The beautiful, bright, golden fabric.
The beautiful, bright, golden fabric which matched my pattern so elegantly.
The beautiful, bright, golden fabric which matched my pattern so elegantly  and which I shouldn't have been able to see as it should have been facing right side in!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, I did.  I stitched the bloody thing the wrong way round and did not realise until I had stitched the whole blooming thing!!!!

So, not to worry.  I have had cancer for goodness sakes. I am not going to get stressy over a booboo like that!
  A bit lot of frogging later I was ready to go again.  And my stitches still came out beautifully but I certainly did not gloat, ooze confidence or preened as I sweated over the finishing of my lovely little cushion.

I took the advice for the comments you gave me when I made a previous cushion..and I stuffed and stuffed and stuffed and it does work better.  The trim is only sewn in at the ends so it is just moved a little when I took the photo.  Easy to move back into the right place.

So, all in all I have decided to leave my machine out and see if I can get creative tomorrow as well.

I will not be defeated!!!!


  1. Oh, I had to laugh! Not sure what my excuse was when I did it. You can be sure it will be a while before you do it again. It was worth the effort and tears to get it done, it looks beautiful, and the colours all compliment each other perfectly

  2. Huge pat on the back, a tremendous finish, such a lovely rich colour. I'll be watching for more masterpieces as you master the machine.
    Love and (hugs.) xx

  3. So glad to know that I am not the only one who has a love/hate relationship with my sewing machine!
    Your pillow is lovely!

  4. The pillow is beautiful . Well done ,hope you have lots of fun with your next project .
    I'm thinking that you bought your stuff from Nancy at Victorian Motto Samplers.
    When you sign in to blogger , on the left hand side will be a little box which says "My blogs" , click on it , and leave for a couple of secs and your reading list will appear at the bottom of the page .
    Took me about half a dozen attempts to find where things were ,lol.

  5. lol

    ooh i was seating with whilst you were sewing that the 2nd time. i wish i even knew how to start sewing with a machine so well done, youve done a fabulous job

  6. Despite the trials and tribulations, it looks beautiful. Congratulations on such a lovely finish. I must have the same sewing machine as you as mine doesn't stitch straight either!

  7. Oh I love it! It's gorgeous! I was going to tell you, but I see that someone beat me to it....I'm pretty sure it's Nancy from Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe. :)


  8. You are a mighty stitching warrior! Well done and good for you! You frogged and moved on. Looks great!

  9. Your little pillow came out great. Congratulations.

    I totally relate to your story. Love your sense of humor about it and how you tell your tale. Great attitude!


  10. Congratulations!! It is beautiful.
    I have the same problem with sewing machines but I am not brave enough to conquer it like you are.
    You go Girl!!

  11. Your description really made my day - I didn't think I had a smile in me but it's spread all over my face now. Thank you! You see, I've been there, too - soooo proud of having achieved something simple and it was half right-side out and half inside-out!!
    Congrats on you finish, it's so nice and a big inspiration. I'll have to do something like this for my Mum. She'd be proud as anything. Because I, too, have a hate-love-relationship with my sewing machine ;-)

  12. The colours stitching and finish are gorgeous well done beating your machine. I have the same hate hate relationship with my printer.

  13. Just gorgeous! good on you getting the job done! Hugs

  14. Your finish is wonderful! Love the fabric and trim ~ just perfect!


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