Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cards for Ellie: Gift for me! Edited re word verification

 When I was first diagnosed with B.C, I decided to declutter everything so my husband would not have to do it when I died.  This was very early in my diagnosis and before I learned that most of us survive breast cancer and a lot of us live with it for a very long time just as people with other health issues live with theirs.

Included was a beautiful crocus kit but  decided to give it away in return for a donation for my sons to be able to treat me.  I never actually got that treat because my boys decided to donate it to a cancer charity. 

I hope the people who made the donation do not mind: after my dealings with Cancer Care West, I do feel it was the right thing to do and I was treated so well that it was by far better than any spa!

In the post yesterday, I recieved my crocus kit back..all stitched up and finished as a picture!!

I was thrilled...I had liked it but in my moment of fear felt I could not stitch it.  Thank you Sara.
Sara is a member of my yahoo group, Emerald Isle Crafters Group, and she decided the moment she received it that it was to be a completed gift for me.  How lovely is that.

You can't really tell from the photo but the stitching is incredibly neat and I have never seen such immaculate French Knots!  Sorry Sara, I had to steal your piccie...I just cannot get a good light here and it is a shame to show it at less than its best!

Thank you those of you who have started to follow Ellie's blog (see previous post).  In reply to some of the emails I have had regarding Ellies likes and dislikes, I contacted her mum who sent me this;

"Ellie loves princesses and her favourite group are Jedward!!!! Her favourite colour is purple. She doesnt like the colour black but she loves sparkles and glitter"

Thank you those of you who are going to send her a card. She collects the stamps too so the more the better, especially if they are from exotic places (i.e. anywhere but Ireland today which is wet and windy lol).

I have not done any training the last few days as I am incredibly tired..I have however done some stitching but can't show you yet as I have not decided if it is to be a gift or not.  I am also too tired to be able to concentrate on the new Papillion SAL...I will though (gulp) even if I have to be really brave to do so rofl
Stitch away folks and thank you for reading.

Extra note..I have tried to leave comments on several blogs but been foiled by the word verification...three tries and then I give up.  I realised my blog has this on too so I have switched it off.  I have never had cause to check people's comments nor have I ever had anything negative put on so I am sure it will not happen now xx  Please let me know if I have not quite managed to switch it off...and I will try again.


  1. It is wonderful that your kit came back to you. Sara did a beautiful job stitching it.
    I hope the tiredness goes away and you can find some more energy.

  2. Oh it's lovely!

    Catching up on reading blogs. Wanted to say hello and tell you I got a lovely package today. Will post soon! Thanks! I feel so excited by the goodies!

  3. A beautiful gift for you, how lovely.


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