Thursday, March 29, 2012

Fund Raising for Cancer Care West / Irish Cancer Society

I have hummed and haahed about this post...put it on, took it off again and in the end as you can see it is back.
I know I may alienate some of my more religious readers but I have decided the means justifies the end.

I love reading cards: angel, oracle and tarot.  I am endorsed by the Tarot Association of the British Isles which means my readings have been assessed for honesty, legality, skill and ethics.
No fortune telling here folks: just a skill which has been around for a long, long time.

They are just cards and as a scientist they fascinate me.

I have decided to use the week and a half left of staying at the lodge whilst I recieve radiotherapy to raise some funds.  Please read below for details.

One in three of us will have an experience with cancer.
One in 12 women will get breast cancer in Ireland. I am one of them.
Every year, approximately 5,500 men are diagnosed with the five most common male cancers - prostate, bowel, lung, skin and testicular. Remember we only have a population of 4 million. That is a lot of cancer.
All are treatable if caught early.

Cancer Care West and the Irish Cancer Society work hard, providing information, support, nurses and even accomodation to help make the difficult journey through cancer a little bit easier. They are involved in research and work closely with Cancer units around the country. They do not recieve a single cent in funding from our health board or the government.  They do it all through fund raising and donations.
I cannot tell you how good they all are or how knowledgeable or supportive: there just isn't the right words to say how wonderful they are

All this week I am doing online readings to raise funds for these charities. I am asking for a donation (I dont care how small) and in return I will give you a card reading: one question, one card. It is fun, easy..sooo simple. If I feel a more indept reading is needed then I will add to it. The reading will be emailed to you.
All readings will come with a full explanation of the whats and superstition: just a fun reading which will hopefully be helpful and accurate: if not I will happily refund you.
Pay by paypal to my email address on the blog or send a cheque made out to Cancer Care West (euros only) me for details.
We all know someone who has had cancer: a role, have some fun and if this works, I will be letting you know of other events the centre will be holding to raise money for cancer causes xx
 Thank you 


  1. I'm up for this - will be in touch!

  2. never had a card reading. please email me with details thanks kath


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