Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Finish and a day at the March!

HI everyone,
How are you?
Well, there is a big week ahead.  I get the results from my lung scan AND it is my last (hopefully) week of radiotherapy. Thankfully this last week has had such good weather that I have been out a lot and have been too busy to worry about it a certain extent anyway.

Seriously, it has been like August in March!

On Monday I had a late appointment so I took my son and his friend down to Salthill Beach in Galway.  It was a lovely day.  This is a bit picture heavy but it had to be done!  We don't even get this kind of weather in summer!

The view from the beach.

Lots of mussels and other shell fish just sitting around enjoying the sun!

Relaxing that is until I decided to sit on some lol.  No Samantha today, it was far too hot!

Gorgeous isn't it!

And of course I had to look in the rock pools..not a shark to be found!

My son did not want his piccies up but he felt the need to make sure I added the fact that even though we all paddled I was the only one to get my trousers wet.  Well, if you are going to do it, do it properly!

The water was so clean!  It felt like we were on holiday abroad, not in Galway.

It was a lovely day and then my daughter took the boys home and left me to be irradiated.  It was a good week though thanks to the weather.
As I crossed the bridge over the river leading to the town later in the week, I spied this in the really big and fast flowing river.

Can you see what I saw?

Yup..a fly fisherman.  Braver or more foolish than I am...not sure which though.

And my finish.  I am so pleased with this.

It is Petite Exemplary No. 2 By Ewe and I and Friends (2002)

I really enjoyed stitching this as it introduced me to so many new stitches.  Smyrna cross, Satin Stitch, Eyelets and Rhodes stitch as well as the pretty Spider Web Roses which initially I thought were buttons on the picture which came with the chart.

I am going to find a small frame to put this in as I don't think the roses will withstand much abuse. 
I am going to have a hunt around and see if I can find the other two in the series as they are perfect for my lack of concentration which persists and they have def. pushed me outside my comfort zone re: other stitches.  I might even consider embroidery now!

On a final note, there is a giveaway over on my friend Kathy's blog,
Pop along and put your name down...we all like to celebrate blogoversaries don't we.

That is me done: off to have a look through and see what I can stitch next...or see if I can find these other wee charts.
Wish me luck for Tuesday and have a wonderful week everyone xxx


  1. Salthill Beach looks like a wonderful place to explore! My boys and I would really enjoy it there.
    Your finish is so sweet! I love the roses!! I'll have to take a look at how to do that stitch.
    Good luck in Tuesday ~ will be waiting to hear how it goes!!

  2. Looks like you had a lovely day out. The weather has been really lovely the last couple of weeks, that's our summer gone, lol. That piece of stitching is beautiful, I thought they were buttons too when I first looked. Looking forward to seeing what you choose next, and all the best for Tuesday. We shall be thinkin of you

  3. Sounds and looks like a wonderful day at the beach. What fun! Lovely finish! Your spider roses look wonderful. That's one stitch I still need to try out.

  4. I love your finish . Great beach pics, I am so jealous.
    Hope all goes well for you next week.
    Take care .XXX

  5. Great little finish, congrats on tackling all those specialty stitches. Loved the pics. Thanks CJ in OK ;-)

  6. Beautiful pictures and it looks like a lovely day.
    I love your finish. EE&F designs are lovely.
    I will be thinking about you this week!

  7. I too was experiencing the summer temperatures and getting the sun on my face. Of course you had to have a paddle - you should see the pic of me in my sun hat taken at the Chalice Well in Glastonbury as i paddled in the healing waters, that is not for publication, i look a proper OAP!!!

    Love the little Ewe Eye finish, their colour palette is so pretty. Well done on learning the new stitches.

    love and (hugs) xx


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