Saturday, March 24, 2012

Daffodil Day: Fame at last!

 Friday was Daffodil Day over here in sunny (Yes! Really!) Ireland.
Daffodil Day is a day when we try to raise awareness and support for the Irish Cancer Society and Cancer Care West.

Cancer Care West is a charity which provides night nurses, counselling, books and leaflets, holistic therapies, workshops, a drop in centre and of course the Lodge which provides accomodation for the many who need to travel to Galway University Hospital for radiotherapy which is a daily treatment.

This poor wee lodge has to accomodate people from as far away as Donegal, Roscommon, Mayo, Sligo and so on...and it is all funded by charity.  Our government and health board do not give a penny (or cent) towards it.

Cancer Care West was highlighted on RTE's Nationwide programme: RTE being the main Irish TV channel...and guess who was interviewed and featured!!  Yes, wee little me.  You can watch it on RTE's realplayer (online thingy for watching tv on internet).  Steven Spielburg has not called me yet rofl, but hopefully the program will inspire people to help this very worthwhile cause. 

This week was a short week because of the Bank Holiday Weekend and I have not been able to do any stitching: I was too busy helping people with various things and getting tired.  I spent all Wednesday in bed but thankfully felt better on the Thursday and walked to the beach.  Now I know I can walk it I will make sure I take some pictures next week.  I come from an area surrounded by the sea and I live nowhere near it now so I miss it terribly.  I will make sure I get to go there a lot for the next two weeks if I am able.

We had internet issues at the Lodge so the time I would normally spend reading your blogs has been spent reading books. 
I did however get a brand new and very appropriate new purchase: well, new by my standards.  You know how behind I often am re: chart releases etc.

I find my tastes have changed a lot in the four years or so that I have been blogging but the words to this are so appropriate.  And of course it is pretty lol.

Well, that is me done.  My wonderful non-son in law finished making my beds in the polytunnel today so I have spent nearly 6 hours planting things.....great fun: very happy but also very tired!
Have a wonderful week and don't forget!  The clocks go forwards on Sunday!



  1. A celebrity blogger now eh... You are so knowledgeable about this subject, I'm certain you did great. The more people that understand how vital these services are the better.
    Take care xxx

  2. Daniel is so jealous of your polytunnel! We'll have to wait just a little longer for our planting to begin

  3. I have given you an award but don't know how to give it to you. It is on my blog at

  4. Hi , I have given you hte Liebstr blog award , pop over if you want ot claim it. X ;-D


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