Monday, March 19, 2012

A Gift, A Finish and a Giveaway

Hi Y'all...well what lovely weekend.  We have had St. Paddy's day, Mother's Day and a meal out to celebrate my middle child's 17th Birthday.  His actual birthday was earlier in the week but of course I was in Costa Del Galway getting partial sunburn..not too badly though thankfully.

We don't do Paddy's day to be honest.  I mean no offense but where I am, this just seems to be an excuse to get very, very drunk and I struggle to put alcohol and religion together.

Saying that, I have very much enjoyed the 3 days at home which this celebration has brought.

Saturday was gorgeous..sunny and warm: so I did a lot of gardening and enjoying re-potting things and planting things whilst hubby and my non-son-in-law worked soooo hard to try and get my poly tunnel up.

After gardening it was time for a sit.  Paris is certainly pleased to have me home. And no: she is not meant to be in the living room let alone on the sofa or me!

Samantha (the wig) is having a day off today!  And next to me is my war hammer high elf and griffin rofl, waiting to be painted.
 When I got home on Friday I had some amazing post waiting for me!  Pokua , an amazing lady who lives all the way over in Western Australia, sent the cutest and most thoughtful little cushion. This RAK was perfectly timed as my mind has been a bit preoccupied with various scans which I had to have last week.  Take a look. Isn't it gorgeous??

Take a closer look at the motive and ribbon in the top corner.

Hope: the breast cancer pink ribbon and silver charm.  It is funny really because I never, ever thought I would be experiencing breast cancer...and certainly not at the age of 41...but I am and I am so lucky to have a great support network and fantastic blogging friends with hearts of gold to help me through this.
Thank you Pokua xxxx

And..spurred on by this wonderful finish, I made the most of today's yucky windy and grey weather and let the needles smoke!

It took a mo when I first got the chart but this does say Spring.  Its by Primitive Bettys and is called Strawberries and Bunny.

It's for an exchange but I know my exchange partner doesn't read my blog so it is ok to put it up.
Yes Pokua, I 'borrowed' your finish idea and used felt trim around the side.  It is very narrow but it matched the green so well!  And it was much easier to put on than I thought, thanks to seeing Pokua's extremely neat work.

My cushion is now level..had to plump it up a bit after this piccie rofl.  I get stressed with stuffing.  How much is enough?  How much is too much??
Remember this? CCN's Christmas Carols.

Well I forgot to say that this was stitched during hospital appointments, waiting rooms and during chemotherapy. As a result the chart is a little battered but if anyone wants it please leave a comment and first come will be sent it next weekend.

It was a great distraction at the time and I love the hanger but I suspect I will not ever, ever want to stitch it again because if the time/cancer association.  I hate to waste the chart which though used and a bit crumpled, is good enough to stitch.  I will also send a few other wee things as well to make the parcel worth opening.

This giveaway will not be anywhere as big as my xmas giveaway but I always think it is nice to open something which is not a bill: whatever that something may be!

Health wise I am good.  My giant thyroid which has had a biopsy and is NOT CANCER, is growing and is very uncomfortable but nothing can be done until after radiotherapy.

My skin is coping really well with it all and is nowhere near as bad as everyone seemed to think it would be: though thankfully they did not point this out to me until they came to say how well it was going. I love positives...the more they give me,  no matter how trivial, the better I feel !!!!!!

'There is no cancer in your big toe'....HURRAY!!!
'There is no cancer in your wig'.........HURRAY!!!

Get the gist?

I have three weeks to go and then apart from thyroid surgery, I can then have the rest of my life back.
I get results from my lung scans next week once I work out who to go to to get them...and if they are all clear then I should have a good long while until I have to have a needle anywhere near me!

I will not give you the dreary details of the farce which I had to go through last week when they tried to put in a plastic thingy/needle (still a bit of chemo brain ;-)  which the contrast for the ct scan had to go through in order to be put into me but needless to say, after two goes they eventually put the needle where I told them they would have to in the first place!

I knew when the trainee Dr tripped over the table and dropped the sterile tray that it would be an interesting experience which would probably result in me being in pain and I was right.
 Never mind, all over now!

I have more to look forward to than I have to worry about so that is brilliant.
And now the best thing ever which follows a crafty finish:  Choosing what comes next!!!

Have a lovely week everyone and see you next weekend xxxx


  1. Glad you were able to enjoy an extra day home with the family. What a great finish too, you've had a good week stitchy wise. Hope the results are good this week

  2. Oh!! Your dog is CUTE!

    I will say a prayer each time I see an update from you. I hope you get good results from all the treatment.

    I'd love that chart so please enter me. Anything CCN makes my heart beat faster. ;-)

  3. A lovely picture of you and your best friend.,.
    Super little pillow you created, well done.
    Such a lovelyblittlecperk you up gift you received.

  4. Lovely gift and lovely spring pillow you stitched! I find it interesting that you also have thyroid issues. I have 'multi-nodular goiters' that are from the radiation! But, thank God, they have not grown in the past 3 years when I go and have the endo do an ultrasound on them. Email me for the good part of this story! Am glad that you are not getting badly burned. Use the aloe... it works! Plus any cream they give you! Hugs!

  5. Glad you had a good weekend! And what lovely gifts...both given and received! I love that CCN finish and would love a chance to win the pattern. Thanks so much!

  6. Happy Birthday to your son! You look so relaxed and happy in your photo with your cute pup!
    Your gift from Pokua is simply adorable! And I love your bunny and berries finish!
    Continued thoughts and prayers headed your way!

  7. Your dog is cute. You look happy to see each other in the picture :)

    Pretty cushion you've received. I love how the sheep look real woolly.

    Cute pillow you've made. In my opinion, when it comes to stuffing pillows and biscornus, it's only too much when no more stuffing can go in. A well-stuffed pillow/biscornu looks better than an under-stuffed one. Just my two cents ^.^


  8. So glad you had a great weekend, your little poopy looks happy to have you there, hopefully your treatment will go quickly and you will be home, happy, free of everything very soon.
    I am so jealous of your partner for the exchange, she is going to be very happy, your pillow is gorgeous.
    Please include me in the draw.
    Take very good care of yourself.

  9. I love the pic of you and Paris. She is so in love with you :)
    What a wonderful RAK. I also think that your bunny finish is fabulous! I love the little strawberries.
    I hope that all the scans come back clear. I am keeping you in my thoughts.


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