Friday, March 2, 2018


Thank you for your kind comments in my last post.  You are all so very kind.  The cancer is active again but I knew that. A day at a time. It's all anyone can do.

I was going to change my blog background but snow is very appropriate.  Ireland has been 'closed' for business from 4pm on the 1st of March and won't be opening until Saturday.

We have had lots and lots of snow so everything is closed; there's no planes, no trains, no busses, no shops, no hospital appointments.

We have closed down big time. 

Only we didn't get any snow at all; it seems to have missed my village which isn't such a bad thing.

We prepared for it; bought a loaf of bread; bought a bottle of wine; bought coal and hunkered down.  We didn't get snow but we did get cold; very, very cold.

So what do you do when the weather is pants?

You start a new craft.  I found acrylic pouring!  It's art meets science!

This is my first attempt. I'm more than happy with it.

 Here are some of the elements from the painting. It was so much fun; mixing paints not so much, but it was worth the work. This is called a 'dirty pour'.

I'll be trying another type of pouring tomorrow.

I haven't done any stitching this week but I did manage to crochet a simple baby blanket.
I held a crochet class at a local cancer support centre and made some examples to show the ladies what they would be making.

The Granny Square was for the second week and for the first, I made a facecloth, a coaster and a bookmark.  The attendees got to choose what they would like to make.

I used the grey to leave the women the prettier colours of the cotton yarn that I used but since my bathroom has grey and chrome, it will fit in well!

The baby blanket is in pink and white.  I've got so much baby wool, I decided to make baby blanket for future grandchildren.  Life hey? Scary.

The third in my Everygreen Angels is about to be released. Everygreen Holly!

I had a lovely lady from Norwich, Jo, model stitch for me but it seems my designs are just meant to be photograph unfriendly!

I will leave you know and hopefully do some stitching.  Thank you for sticking by my irregular posts.  Keep warm and safe and I'll see you soon. xxx


  1. You are in my prayers dear friend. Your design is lovely. Your paintings are so fantastic!!

  2. I love your painting! The blanket is beautiful, I'm sure future grandchildren will appreciate it.

  3. Those colours and shapes are so beautiful. Love the blanket too.

    Lucky you have missed the worst of the blizzzards, I am in hibernation! God bless.

  4. Paintings are amazing, every time you look at them you can see something different! xxx

  5. Liking the acrylic pouring, what amazing images come out if it. Looks very peaceful and tranquil.
    Very pretty crocheting, I bet the people you taught were thrilled to learn a new craft.
    Love and (hugs) xxx
    Thanks for the email xx

  6. That acrylic pouring is so cool! Incredible colors--thank you for sharing something I have never heard of! Hope it warms up for you soon--the east coast of the U.S. is due to get hit with another bad storm this weekend, too...

  7. Your acrylic work is so amazing! As well as your crocheting. Keep yourself safe and warm during this time.

  8. I am so sorry to hear about your cancer :( I hope that it goes into remission for you and things get better.

  9. What a fun new craft, those colours are so beautiful.
    Such a sweet baby blanket, I love the pink.
    And Holly is precious too!

  10. Pretty cool acrylic painting there! You just amaze me with all your many talents!! Kisses and Hugs!


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