Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Almost but not quite

It's January the tenth and I feel..bleumph.

Do you know what I mean?

I'm almost but not quite over Christmas

I'm almost but not quite, ok with my elder children going back to the UK to get on with their lives.

I'm almost but not quite finding my crafty mojo.  It seems to have gone into hibernation. I don't know why, I have lots to be getting one with but I'm almost but not quite there yet.

I have some finishes to show you and a beautiful gift which came from a friend.  It was totally unexpected and brought a smile.

Let me show you the gift first.

It's a lovely little Christmas ornament and it was sent by Julie whose been a blogging friend for a long time.    (

My photo doesn't do it justice. It's stitched on a lovely blue which is actually a lot darker than my photo shows.

I love it. It's beautifully finished and it's not gone away with the rest of the Christmas ornaments. It's hanging on my stitching lamp.  A reminder of the joy that comes with a gift of friendship. 

I finished the blanket I was crocheting for the  Black Sheep Wools CAL, A Spicier Life. I chose my own colours and in the end, even my own combinations and tweaked a few stitches here and there to suit, as you do.  I'm really pleased with it. I called my colour combination 'Spice Market' and based it on the colours of the spices and herbs used in Indian cooking.

There were so many new stitches but I loved every one.  It's increased my confidence so much that I'm actually giving a free crochet workshop at one of the cancer charities that I use.  I've been busy test stitching a combination of things which I think new learners could manage in one day.  I've completed my lesson plan and nearly finished the instruction booklet that they'll be given on the day.  It's almost finished, but not quite!  

I have new designs in my head, but I can't get them out while I feel bleumph.  Bleumph and creativity don't really go together. 

Until I do, I'll hopefully be stitching on this; The Snowman.  I know, it was meant to be for my granddaughter at Christmas but I just didn't get time to finish it. I haven't even done enough for it to come under my title!

I will love you and leave you. Feel free to comment if you have cures for 'bleumph!

TTFN and happy crafting 


  1. Julie has sent you a lovely gift.
    Hope the bleurgh feeling go away soon.... I am always craving fresh fruits and veggies after Christmas, plenty of vitamins does the trick for me!

    1. I'm veggie lol, always lots of fruit and veg! I hope it fizzles soon too. Thank you for stopping by! xx

  2. No cures here for bleumph, I think we just have to keep plodding through it! I love that Kiss for Snowman stitch for your granddaughter, it's so pretty and if I remember rightly the little girl has dark curls too just like your granddaughter's?!

  3. Such a lovely gift! I love the crochet blanket, and I can see the spices (if that makes sense!) x

  4. Your blanket looks great and the stitching is coming along nicely! I hope you'll feel more up to dealing with things soon.


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