Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Ending the Year with a Bang!

Well, a lot has happened in the last week. So much it's unbelievable.
And all of it nice.

Firstly, I have finally put up the whole series of the wizards on the free chart page. Sorry for the delay; they also appear on Witchity Poo's fb page and I lost track of what went where.

Do you want to see what they have raised for the Mayo Roscommon Hospice Palliative Care Charity?

You can't see it clearly but it says 739 euros.  I closed the fundraiser down but I had people ask to extend it so they could contribute.  Isn't that just amazing?

It will be open until sometime in the beginning of January (I think).
If you are stitching the Worry of Wizards, please make a little donation. No matter how small, it all counts, and you can do so anon! Thank you

I've heard from the Mayo Roscommon Hospice and they have given me an update on what was raised from the Baby Event (the one we all knit and crocheted for).  I will show you what they have put on their fb page.

"We are delight to announce the final figures for our Baby Event which took place on October 4th. On the night we made the grand total of €5,101 and in the weeks since then we have added another €1,562 giving a total of €6,663 raised. THANK YOU to everyone for making The Baby Event such a success for Hospice, all money raised goes to local palliative care services.!"

So in a year, with the chart included, we have helped raise over 7500 euros for them; and it hasn't stopped yet!

As you may remember, I decided to quit after naughty people stole my work.  This was followed by a huge ruckus with a massive fb group who open advocate copying charts, sharing pdfs (you can lend someone a paper chart but never a pdf chart) and the admin actually charting licensed characters.  And that was followed by a second group actually scanning charts and sharing them openly!

I weep for our hobby, I really do. The chart is the cheapest part of it all. Do we steal fabric or frames? No? So why do it to charts?

Anyhoo, I got hundreds of emails, private messages and was even contacted by the editor of a huge UK cross stitch magazine.  The fact is I haven't made a penny from my designs since I was re-diagnosed. It all goes to charity and my grandchild's college fund.  Steal the charts, you are stealing from a child and breast cancer research.  This information got out and it pulled on people's heartstrings.  Even without this information, the support I got from stitchers was out of this world. It truly embodied the spirit of our amazing craft.

The support was overwhelming.

Eventually, Kate from Lakeside Needlecraft contacted me and helped me realise that actually, the majority of stitchers are totally amazing. They really are.  And together we think we have a solution. From the 1st of January she will be the ONLY retailer for my designs, pdf and paper. We have worked out a system so my designs will have an identifying feature. Known only to me. So if they appear online, they are traceable.

So the charts will still be available, and I'm actually working on a couple of new designs.  Watch this space!

Did it end there?

No. Not at all. Every year I donate to a charity on your behalf, and on the behalf of the fb groups I run. It's instead of sending Christmas cards.  I couldn't choose a charity this year. There's just so much need, how could I choose?  In the end the charity picked me.

I went to get my chemo on the 22nd.  I go in the back door of the hospital which is quite remote and out of the way.  Sat outside was a pitiful little dog. The poor little thing came up to me, it's tail wagging fearfully. I didn't know what to do. I couldn't touch it because my counts were low and I couldn't take it into an oncology ward.  I also couldn't bring it home because I get driven to the hospital by a charity driver.  I asked the nurses how long the dog had been out there and they said all day.

I just knew I had to do something.  Luckily I had my laptop with me so when I was plugged into my treatment, I emailed my vet and a local animal charity who told me which animal charity covered the area.

I emailed the charity, the GSPCA (Galway SPCA) because I hate using my phone for anything.  Something felt wrong though, and it was niggling me, so I actually googled the phone number and called them direct. I really, really, don't like phoning people but I'm glad I did. The lady who runs the animal charity was actually in the same town looking for another dog who had been hit by a car! Bearing in mind she covers the whole of County Galway, what were the chances?  Well, I was more than relieved. Someone was looking out for this little dog that's for sure!

I gave Emma directions and bless her heart, she came by and picked it up.  I felt terrible because I couldn't even stroke the dog or tell her I was going to help her.

Yes, it was a 'her'.  She'd had pups, though God knows where they are, and she was covered in mange.  You can see her rescue on the link, Sprout's 'Tail'.
Yup; they named her Sprouts!

I'm so glad she had somewhere safe and warm for Christmas.

And on your behalf, I sent a donation. There will be more following. I sense a fundraising doggy chart in the near future perhaps?

So, on top of all this, having my beautiful granddaughter, daughter and both sons home for Christmas, it's been an amazing end to 2017.  I know we have few days to go but I'm hibernating now with some selfish crochet and stitching.

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and I will be seeing you, if not before, in 2018.  Be safe xx


  1. Has anyone told you that you are an amazing person? You Are An Amazing Person!!!

  2. You are truly an angel on earth. hugs and all good wishes to you.

  3. Yes Gaynor, you are amazing. Thank you for caring and saving Sprouts. I am so happy you figured out a system for your designs. God bless you. I am praying for you.

  4. What a blessing you are to people and animals alike, Gaynor! Thank you for caring enough to make that phone call for Sprouts. Sending you good wishes for the coming year.

  5. Many blessings to end the year, dear G, and all thanks to you. You not only bless every one of us with your friendship but you seem to spread blessings everywhere you go. Love you <3

  6. Oh, what good news, Gaynor! I am so hoping that your new arrangement with Lakeside Needlecrafts works out! And I truly wish you a new year filled with things that make you smile :)

  7. What a lucky pup, you were her angel!
    And now I"m off to the Wizards and donating!

  8. Happy New Year Gaynor! Fantastic news on the Sprout rescue, the fundraising and your oncoming relationship with Lakeside. Looking forward to stitching your lovely designs in 2018.

  9. It sounds so great that your designs will stay on the market for us stitchers. Thanks to the new arrangement with Lakeside Needlecrafts - that's awesome, Gaynor. And I will repeat what Gracie wrote: You are an amazing person!
    All the best to you this year.

  10. The end of 2017 certainly was a rollercoaster ride for you and your business. I'm so glad you found a solution you can be happy with, and even more glad you got to help this little doggy! I'll keep my eyes open for the fundraising chart.


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