Sunday, November 26, 2017

Back Again!

I'm so sorry I've been away.  Life has been so full!

Let me explain and hopefully you will forgive me.

My granddaughter came to stay with us for a week.  It was wonderful but soooo tiring!
And apparently people with cancer in their spine should NOT be playing 'ten little monkeys bouncing on the bed' or teach their grandchildren to bounce down the stairs on their bottom.

End result?

Horrifically bad back which led to a visit to A and E, a three night stay and a promise to never play ten little monkeys bouncing on the bed!  I also had to deal with one A and E dr, spouting off about metastatic cancer in my back and who got me so stressed I threw up on him; oops. I felt better though!  I didn't want to know where it was. My oncology team were happy for me not to know, though the CT scans kind of give away the general area and I'm sure I knew really but ignoring it is part of my coping strategy and if it works, it works.

The night before  I appeared on the Pat Kenny Show, talking about nurses and A and E departments.  As I lay in a very nice ambulance I was thankful that I had been speaking on the side of the nurses!

I have made a few more nappy cakes for the Hospice Charity!

Daisy nappy cakes!

I also got to go and see Depeche Mode in concert.  I love Depeche Mode and I didn't really think I'd be able to go but I did a kind deed for someone 5 years ago, a deed which was more or less forgotten by me but thankfully not by the person I helped. She had links with the concert promoters and she and my daughter and husband plotted between them....and out of nowhere came and email saying 'these are your tickets for Depeche Mode!!!!!'

It was totally amazing; loved their old stuff and their new.  A dream come true!

Now I'm recovered from TV, hospital and Depeche Mode, I've picked up my crochet again; I'm about halfway through part four and it's looking good!  This is a before photo.  The lack of sun means I will wait until I finish it before taking a photo.

The last wizard is also out. I.C Pole.  I'll put the free chart up in the free charts section some time next week (when I remember how to do it). The fundraiser ends on December the 1st.  If you're stitching, we would appreciated a small donation, all of which can be kept anonymous.

I'm determined to have a quiet and crafty week this week, so wish me luck!

Happy stitching!


  1. Oh you naughty grandparent... it did make me smile that you didn't need to tell the doctor what you thought of him, your body did it for you by itself... he'll remember you!
    A concert surprise - fabulous.
    Lovely crochet, hope you have been able to enjoy adding to it and such pretty nappy cakes.
    Sending a {{big cuddle}} to you xx

  2. I am so sorry about the hospital issue. Please take it easy.

  3. I'm so excited you got to go to the concert! Glad to be back blogging, even though I keep up with you elsewhere as well.

  4. Gaynor! I am amazed at your body! Please, please take it easy now. Your crochet is super!!

  5. I was happy to read your latest post... Sounds like you are keeping busy with crocheting and crafting and how wonderful to see Depeche Mode in concert. Good deeds and kind words do have a way of making their way back to the person who did/said them, don't they? Take care now...

  6. Wow, you sure had an exciting time! Take car of your back (and everything else that needs taking care of), a nice quiet crafty week might be good for you :)

  7. Oh my! So sorry you had that unfortunate injury from playing with your granddaughter! I sure do remember that song--now it's rattling around in my memory!! Almost as bad as... The Song That Never Ends! Ha! A Pox on that nasty doctor for scaring you!! grrrr... Love the crocheted blanket. Thanks for sharing with us again! Big Hugs!

  8. You definitely were busy lately. Having your granddaughters with you for a whole week certainly was very tiring for your body, but it also must have been a happy time for you. And then I had to smile about how your body reacted towards that doctor.
    Great to read that you could go to a concert of your favorite band. What an experience.
    Thank you for all the wizard freebies. They are gorgeous.
    I hope you have been having a relaxing week.

  9. Oh my, you know how to keep busy - the good and the bad!
    I've made cakes like that too, but I think yours are especially lovely.
    Depeche Mode, lucky you! I'm glad you weren't forgotten in your good deed, what a treat.
    Your blanket looks great, I love all the different colours.
    Oh no, I missed the Wizards deadline! I'm so sorry, they are precious.


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