Friday, September 22, 2017

Happy Days!

Happy Friday everyone one!

How are you all?  I'm good, really good. I've sent one son off to university and he's  loving it.  My other son is working hard at his leaver's cert and he is not loving it but he's looking at the end goal and I know he will be ok.  My daughter is doing evening classes and I know she will enjoy the challenge. My granddaughter has started nursery and goes twice a week, two and a half hours each session. And she is loving it also!  So, if the children are happy, so is their mummy.

I've enjoyed having a little bit of peace.

With peace, comes crafting.

I finally started my granddaughter's Christmas present.

This is a kit from Dimensions. I'm going to darken the little girl's hair and put my granddaughters name underneath it.  It's the first Dimension kit I've done and I have to be honest, I'm not overly happy on the threads used, but it will look fine, I'm sure.

Mouse from Tales from a Stitching Mouse very kindly stitched Holmsey and Fergus's Halloween chart. She did a wonderful job and I know Holmsey is very, very pleased with it. Thank you Mouse!

Holmsey is less pleased with me!  I was sorting out through my stuff and found this.  Holmsey's Winter Wonderland! Unfinished!!!  How bad is it when a designer doesn't finish her own designs??

OOOOPS!  I guess I will be busy over the next week!

Sigh..bad, bad me!

Now, the fund raiser.  We initially raised

220 dollars went to Petco.  They didn't take donations from outside the USA so an American friend who raises money for them, did it for me. I transferred the money to her and she transferred it straight to pet co. 

We then sent ... 145 dollars to the USA red cross

to the UK Red Cross. The UK government will match this donation, so that makes £212

And we are still getting donations. Another E80.00 so far,  so there will be more donated later.

Well done everyone!

It is a privilege to be able to help people through the work we do. Crafters are the most generous people in the world!

I seem to have stalled a bit on the crochet. I've made so many things for the Hospice fundraiser that I feel a bit crocheted out.  We have a date for our baby event though. So many wonderful things were made from this, by my UK friends, my American friends and Irish ladies. The time and effort that they have put into this is amazing. I feel honoured to have been a part of this.

The Wizards charts have raised a further E260 for the Mayo and Roscommon Hospice charity. There will be a new one out tomorrow.  Want a sneaky peek?

The symbols are an ancient Celtic language; Ogham.

I think, to try and get my crochet mojo back, I'm going to give this a try.

Then I will go back to the cupcake blanket which is waiting to be finished. Pretty right?

Well, I think that's enough for today.  Have a wonderful weekend and I'll see you soon!


  1. Your piece for your granddaughter's Christmas gift is adorable! And I'm happy to see that the Winter Wonderland piece and that gorgeous cupcake blanket will be getting some attention, too :)

    Well done on your fundraising efforts--we so appreciate the giving for Hurricane Irma victims here in the U.S. My inlaws were sadly effected and may end up losing their home in Florida to the mold and mildew infestation due to the flooding...

  2. Well done with the fundraising! I am sure your granddaughter's gift will look wonderful. I always have an issue with kits and their selection of threads. I love the crocheted blanket...a beautiful pattern.

  3. Fantastic fundraising Gaynor! Such a sweet gift for your granddaughter. Oh that blanket!!

  4. I absolutely love the blanket, it is gorgeous! I also recognize the cross stitch pattern as I have started a few months ago. I am sure yours will be finished well before mine :) I am gone in a HAED phase at the moment, it seems :)

  5. I love the blanket and the wizard! I don't like Dimensions threads either, so I feel your pain.

  6. I'm happy you and your family are all doing well - you all deserve a bit of easy breathing time! Lovely start on the stitching, and I think that blanket will be gorgeous. Do you have an equally fun yarn picked out for it?

  7. It seems you will be very busy with all the stitching you are doing. That Dimensions kit looks wonderful and will be a gorgeous Christmas gift for your granddaughter. Oh, and Winter Wonderland is such a lovely piece. You will soon be done with it, I'm sure.
    The cupcake blanket looks great with all the pastel colours. A very pretty project. And hey, a new wizard.
    You have been so successful with your fundraising activities. Congratulations.

  8. I don't know anyone who like the threads in a Dimensions kit. A lovely design and i'm hoping the stitching of it all goes to plan.
    Pretty cupcake blanket, its gorgeous.
    Fabulous fund raising, well done to all.


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