Friday, July 28, 2017

A Worry of Wizards

G'Morning all.

Thank you all for your kind comments.  It's really nice to be blogging again. I'm still a bit slow commenting but I'm struggling a bit healthwise at the mo.  No idea if it's the condition or the treatment...but we carry on regardless.

I've crocheted a little top for the Mayo/Roscommon Hopice Baby Event.  It was supposed to have sleeves. Then I lost the hook and forgot what size I'd used.  I do this all the time.  A sensible person would right down what hook they were using, on the pattern wouldn't then?  Maybe next time.

It's not a very good photo, it's actually a prettier pastel sage green and looks much nicer in real life.

The new Stitchers Anon Cross Stitch Design's FREE Halloween SAL is now ready for release.  The overlay is shown on Chromatic Alchemy Lazurite.  The colours for the final complete design will be based on this fabric and one other.  

The second fabric is by Fabric Flair, Fairy Dust Cloud Dark Blue, in this case, purchased from Lakeside Needlecraft.

I'm not sure Witchity Poo is convinced wizards are the way to go, judging by how she chose the title.

 A Worry of Wizards!

A Worry of Wizards part one is available HERE
While the design is given freely, I am accepting donations to my palliative care team which a service that is 50 percent charity funded.  You can find out more about what they do and how to donate (if you wish) here:



  1. What a sweet little top you crocheted! I love the Lazurite fabric; fabulous color with its subtle mottling. Enjoy your weekend!

  2. A lovely sweater. I hope you will soon feel better.

  3. A lovely sweater. I hope you will soon feel better.

  4. I hope you'll feel better soon, and that's another nice finisher for your hospice event. Im excited for your SAL now - I didnt realize it was going to be free. That's so generous of you!

  5. Sending (healing hugs), you are in my prayers Gaynor. Xx
    Sweet sleeveless jacket, I like it that way.

  6. It's like a littel angel top that I've been knitting for our local neo natal unit so don't worry about the sleeves. Hope you're feeling better soon. Take care.

  7. A lovely sweater. I hope you will soon feel better.

  8. Such a sweet top, lovely colours.
    I like both fabrics, looking forward to seeing what it will look like!

  9. Oh my, such a pretty little baby sweater, Gaynor. And the start of your SAL looks so good.
    I hope that you will soon feel better, my dear.

  10. Your crocheted sweater is so sweet, Gaynor! I love the colors and I know the little girl who receives it will look darling :)

    Take care now...

  11. What a lovely sweater. And what a great cause to donate SAL money too. Feel better soon x

  12. Thank you for sharing your Rome adventure - makes me determined to visit there one day! And the baby clothes collection is immense. Lovely photo of you and your granddaughter too. Rest and stitch well x



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