Monday, December 12, 2016

Finding the little Folk

Afternoon everyone.  How are you all?  I'm in the doldrums at the moment but I'm sure they will pass. There are lots of things going on at home and I think I'm just past the age of being able to deal with endless change! That's life though I guess. Best grab those big girl knickers and try to pull em back up again!

I've been busy crocheting and have made a pretty little Christmas poncho for my granddaughter.  This, along with the two little cardigans, will be sent to her tomorrow.

I hope she likes them!

I went off for a walk by myself yesterday and found a village where there Little folk live!

How cute is all that!

I've just had an afternoon to myself, so armed with some white spray paint, empty wine bottles and transparent snow flakes stickers....

Great fun...but we will be finding glitter FOREVER!

And I have a new start...I need to get it finished by Christmas.  Hmmmmm I wonder who it could be for?

I hope you have a lovely week and look forwards to seeing you again soon!


  1. We just learn to pick our battles as we get older, don't we? Don't know if your baby granddaughter will like the sweaters, but I am pretty sure you daughter will!! And all the other adults around her! Very nice! Big Hugs!

  2. Just look at the poncho and cardigans you have made! Beautiful!♥
    What a great little village someone has created! Love it! Such an imagination.

  3. Oh I love the poncho!! Your granddaughter is going to look so cute!!!
    You have gone crazy with the glitter but your finishes look lovely.
    A great a new stitching start too. Hope you manage to finish it on time for the deadline :)

  4. Very beautiful work. Lovely Christmas decoration. Good luck with your stitching.

  5. I love those cute cardigans and the gorgeous poncho - so cute! Sorry to hear you are in the doldrums. Change can be very stressful. Hope everything settles down soon.

  6. She'll look so gorgeous in the poncho and cardigans crocheted with love in every stitch.
    Was there a bottle of 'drink me' potion so you could get into the little houses? no - what a shame!
    Sending lots of love and {big hug} I hope you are soon feeling bright and cheery xx

  7. How sweet are your little cardigans and poncho--I'm sure your granddaughter will love them :) I would have loved to have stumbled upon the little village--have always been intrigued by tiny anything!

    Hope the glitter dissipates before the new year--I know just what you mean!!


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