Thursday, November 17, 2016

New Post, New Look, New Finish!

I've decided to spend less time on fb and more on blogging.  And oh my, the difference it has made to my mental well being.  I'm making up for a lack of productivity!

Firstly, my blog has a new look.  I've worked out how to link to pdf files so am putting up free charts in a tidier way than just putting them up as pictures.  I hope you enjoy them. Please bare in mind they are still covered by copyright and while people can come to the blog and take them, they really shouldn't be emailed to others or uploaded to other websites..and you know which ones I mean!

Secondly, I have a finish!  This is a little Aran cardigan for my granddaughter.  I'm starting to become a crochet addict!

It's hard to get a good photo..we have rain, hail and sunshine one after the other and the light is naff.

I went away last week for a few days to visit relatives. I got some great photos!  I wonder if anyone knows where I went?

I visited the town where my mum lives and there were some really great things to see.  I mean, who would have expected to see a chair in a bus shelter?

And with it being the Remembrance weekend, there had to be some poppy day photos!

Isn't this amazing? It's certainly original!

And what soldier would be without his trench? The effort put into this is amazing!

We actually stayed in a seaside town nearby.  You know me and the sea. I love it.  I think I was a mermaid in a past life!

The tide was out but look at that sky.  It looks like a watercolour waiting to happen only much prettier!

We didn't just get sea, we got to see the Remembrance day parade and displays.  The place we stayed has a lot of history regarding the UK forces which I wasn't aware of so it was great to learn about it!

I was especially impressed when everyone applauded the veterans.  I wasn't so impressed when some of them turned out not to be so old.  Young people with injuries from war.  We never learn do we?  My son wants to join the army and I have to say I have mixed emotions about it.  What mother doesn't?  I come from a forces family but it doesn't make it any easier!

And then we found a pelican.  I wasn't too sure why there was a pelican there but here he is
We finished off with a trip to the most amazing garden centre.  I can't show many photos because my younger son is in them and I won't add piccies without his permission.

It was definitely Christmassy!

The bears were moving and playing music and all the little kids were dancing to it. It was soooo cute!

We got up really early to get to the airport when we were coming home which meant we got to see half of the supermoon in the dawn light.  Clouds covered the bottom of it and it looked quite eerie.   I'd packed the camera so no piccies.  I was glad to see it though. 

As we got in the car we heard geese and as we looked up we saw hundreds of geese all flying in for the winter from their summer home (Siberia etc).  I miss the migration flights.  I'm a Norfolk girl through and through.  It was magical.  It may have been the last time I get to see them it so I like to think those geese were waiting for me.  It was a wonderful experience despite being another goodbye.  I feel so blessed to have been able to see them. It meant a lot to me. 

Right, I have some Holmsey's Winter Wonderland to stitch so I'll love you and leave you . Thank you for visiting!


  1. Lovely pics and the cardigan finish is gorgeous!

  2. What a fantastic sweater you have made. I love your goose story.

  3. What wonderful pictures you shared of your outing! The metal 'poppy' man was incredible. What a lovely sweater you created for your granddaughter. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Your sweater is so adorable! What a wonderful thing it must be to be a grandmother--I hope and pray that I become one some day!

    Glad you enjoyed your week away--it looks like a lot of fun :)

  5. Love the new look and yes, less time on FB is good for all of us. Great pictures....

  6. Lovely photos and how nice to see people making meaningful displays for Remembrance Day too.

  7. I know where you were.... I was there myself on the autumn equinox and stood one foot either side of the meridian line.... its Cleethorpes.
    You look so lovely in the pic.
    Much love xxx


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