Tuesday, July 5, 2016

When reality is surrealism and a donkey! (Freebie)

Wow, that's a bit of a deep blog post title isn't it?

I'm so sorry I haven't shared any news with you. I know from the private emails I've been getting that an update is more than due and that some of you have been worried about me.  I'm sorry I made you worry.

I'm just had my 'week off' from chemo.  It's a great week but it's over far to soon!  I've now finished two cycles; each cycle being three weeks of chemo and one week off.  At the end of the third cycle I've got to have a scan to see if it's worth continuing with the next three cycles.

It's very surreal.  Technically I'm dying but I don't feel like I am.  I feel much better since I started chemo and my counts are all improving so I feel it's making a bit of a difference but I have to remember it's just buying time.  Every now and then I feel so good that my brain goes into 'illusion' mode...and then it really kicks me where it hurts when I remember the truth of the situation.

I've also had to deal with a bit of crap with so called neighbours spreading gossip about me. My husband says I should ignore it as I'm a better person than they are, but you know what?
I have very little too loose at this point and if I come face to face with the person involved, I may achieve the one thing left on my bucket list....to get arrested!  And yes, that really is the only thing on my bucket list!  I'm very blessed to have had a life where I've achieved everything I set out to do.  That is one heck of a life experience really isn't it.  I lived to the full and I intend to do so for a little bit longer!

Anyway, at the moment I'm feeling ok.  Unlike two weeks ago when we ate out and I ended up with campyplobacter.  Apparently the chemo knocked my immune system out so I ended up in hospital for five nights..it was pretty scary that's for sure!  So now I only eat what I cook or things which are super-cooked when eating out: no salads or chicken.  Of course, to make my year complete all I need is to bump into some hippy kid with a notifiable illness whose parents don't believe in vaccinations!  Measles, mumps, chicken pox here I come!

I haven't done any crafting really because the book took over. I know!  More surrealism!

The second edition has nearly sold out and I've been asked to do another book.  How exciting is that?

That is all under control now but I have another distraction.  My beautiful daughter and grandaughter have come over for a visit AND my son will be home as well soon.

And this is why I wrote the book and got it published.

Job done.

Alyssia has the very first book, with the authenticate certificate number one and there is a message inside the book for my husband, my children and my grandchildren. 

OOOooo I can't wait to have all my family under the same roof for once!  It's a shame the reason they are going to be here is such a sad one but I'm working on living a day at a time, which is all any of us can do.  Today I am fine, not in pain, active and with no symptoms...so today is a good day.

The illustration that Paula (Bear Tree Illustrations) had converted into a cross stitch chart which is available from Paine Free Crafts has raised...so far....

....with this donation to BCI of £225.59 plus the giftaid of 56.40 and the first donation - £281.99 for Breast Cancer International research charity!

Wow!  I'm so glad so much good is being done. 

And there is more!
The international charity fb group that I was part of, where designers donated charts and members paid donations in exchange for the charts (my own designs being one of them) raised over 800 dollars for my surgeon's research charity. Which means despite my bleak outlook, at least some good is coming from this.

I like to think my life has made a difference with all the fundraising I've done.  Somewhere along the line it must count right?

So where does the donkey come into the title? Well, I designed a Holmsey ornament to raise money for the Donkey Sanctuary.  Unfortunately I don't have the energy to deal with a fundraiser so what I've done is I offered a free chart on fb and asked people to donate to any animal charity of their  choice.  It could be donating a tin of dog food or a few pence or cents: it will all count.

So here is the chart and I would like to ask you to do the same. If you stitch it or download it, please donate to an animal charity and if you can, comment here with which charity it is pretty please.  It brightens my day to know that together we are doing something good to make the world a better place.

The chart is called 'In The Mid Bleak Winter'. It's part of the Holmsey's Hymms series.  It features Douglas in his winter coat. A lot of people don't realise that donkey's coats aren't waterproof so donkeys are prone to rain scald when it rains and they get cold really easily in wet weather.

Just click and save and then print off to use.  If you can't download it, just email me on stitchersanon@yahoo.com and I'll send it to you.

Right, that's all for now. I will do some crafting soon I promise.  Have a great week!


  1. I cannot find words to say. You are truly and inspiration and so very brave.

    1. I have my wobbles like everyone else...and then I reach for my big girl pants and stick em up with pins rofl xxx

  2. Thank you for the update and thank you for the chart. Had planned to deliver food and towels before week's end to our local shelter. You are such an inspiration to all of us.

    1. Thank you. I volunteered at my local shelter and I couldnt believe how many towels we got through. I know they will much appreciated xx

  3. Thanks for the donkey with his friend!
    and plenty of courage for you from France

  4. I see that God is richly blessing you Gaynor. What a lady you are!! I pray for you every day.♥ What a precious picture of you two.

  5. Your courage and positive attitude never cease to amaze me, Gaynor... Your life and the way you've lived it have definitely made a difference.

    I'm sure your family time will be very special to each of you... You have been very blessed with a loving family. Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

    1. I am very lucky and thank you. Prayers are always much appreciated x

  6. Thank you for the update and the lovely chart. What a great way to raise money for the donkey sanctuary.
    I purchased a copy of your book and wow - Paula has really done a great job of illustrating Holmesy and Fergus!
    Hope you stay well and enjoy your visitors.

  7. Thanks for the timely reminder about stocks of the book running low. I have just ordered it for a friend's new baby granddaughter.
    I am glad the chemo is buying you some quality time too.
    I do hope you won't get arrested though.


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