Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Hare tales!

Hi everyone,

Sorry I haven't been around. It's been a mad time with treatments and ops and all sorts of shtuff as we say here in Ireland.

I've had two chemos, missed a third because my blood counts were down but am doing well.  Have a totally awesome wig which is called Miranda.  When the lady told me it was a Miranda, she told me it was named after the woman in Sex in the City.  Having  never watched it all I could think off was Miranda the UK comedienne!

Wanna peek?

It looks better when it's brushed but it is a bit mighty.

It looks just like my hair when my hubby first met me!

Oh, and while the crafty thing I've done is a crochet hat for me to sleep in, I do have some more news.  As some of you know, I release stories about my characters in the cross stitch patterns.  Especially Holmsey Hare stories....and guess what?

No, you will never guess!  So I will show you.

Yes, Holmsey is being published and will even have a copy of his story in the British Library!
I've asked for the wording to be changed to say Written by Gaynor French, and Illustrated by Paula Hickman but oh my perfect is this?
Paula is an amazing illustrator...right up our crafting alley. She has a company called Bear Tails Illustration  and she is using mixed media to make her artwork.  It's awesome to watch: I wish I had half her talent.  Lookee perfect is this for a media for Holmsey pictures?
All of the illustrations are made this's amazing isn't it?  Using upcycled fabrics to make perfect pictures.  Holmsey is really pleased with the effects.
And there is another twist.  Sarah Paine from Paine Free Crafts has taken one of Paula's illustrations and converted it into a cross stitch pattern with both Sarah and Paula giving the profits to Breast Cancer research!
This is the illustration that is also now a cross stitch chart.  Pretty amazing. Holmsey will be getting a big head!  But it's all for an amazingly good cause so that hopefully, my grandaughter will never have to go through what I and my family are going through.

I've shut the website down, but am opening an etsy shop here;  which will just have instant downloads.  Bear with me, there are a lot of charts to go up.  I will be directing any sales to my grandaughter and while I will still design, it will be as and when.....I can't just stop even though technically I'm not running the business any more.  And of course ABC Stitch will still stock my charts along with a couple more USA shops.

So: that's it for now.  I've a busy day tomorrow with surgery in the morning and chemo in the afternoon..a lovely birthday gift haha...but will be back soon with some crafting to show.  My fingers are itching to do something creative!


  1. Lovely hair...Hang in there with the treatments. Wonderful news on the book.

  2. Thinking of you every day gaynor. Can't wait to read holmsey's story. Take care xx

  3. A BOOK ..... WOWZA .... Very exciting, congrats to you.
    You look stunning.
    (Great big hugs) xxx

  4. Oh Gaynor, I can hardly see through my tears. Tears of joy for you. Such accomplishments. I love, love the looks of Holmsey's book. Very, very cool. Much like your current looks! ;)

  5. So exciting about the book! And your hair looks lovely. Your outlook is an inspiration, I love it. And it teaches your kids so much. Hang in there, you're doing so well! xo

  6. You are one amazing woman! I love the hair.. it's perfect for you. The book and cross-stitch illustration are so cool. We should all have even 1/2 your spunk!

  7. You are an inspiration. Congratulations on the Holmsey book! Thank you for the heads up about the etsy shop. Thinking of you!

  8. Congratulations on the book. Stay positive always and take care

  9. Wow!! A book??! That's massive happy news!!!! Congratulations.
    You look gorgeous, love your new hair x

  10. Love the hair... Fantastic news about the book and x stitch.. will need to have a look... (((hugs))) xx .

  11. The artwork for the book is just stunning. It is exactly the style I love.
    Love the wig but I was expecting a red-head!

  12. Gaynor,
    Way to go on the book! Paula's Artwork is perfect for Holmsey Hare. What a great way to use fabric. When will the cross stitch chart be available? What a great way to support a good cause. You look great in your new wig and love the fact your taking charge!!!!! Keeping you in my prayers.

  13. Congratulations to you and Holmesy and Paula on being published! Holmesy really suits the mixed media background. And your new hair really suits you!

  14. That is so exciting about your book, Gaynor!! Well done!! And you are looking fabulous in your great wig--love the color! Continued good luck with your treatments--take care now...

  15. What an accomplishment, Gaynor - a Holmsey book. Major congratulations!


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