Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Creativity Galore

Hi, how are you all?

It's been really busy here and I've so much to share.

Firstly, I would like to share some amazing finishes which some wonderful stitchers have shared with me.

 The first is Pumpkin Party, stitched by Jo. She chose her own colours and it looks just perfect.  I love it when someone takes one of my designs and makes it their own with different colours and fabrics!

The second is a biscornu stitched and finished by Shelley. It was her first every biscornu!  And she did a perfect job finishing it didn't she?  I love it. It's so rewarding when people share their finishes with you.

The third is my monochrome stiletto which was stitched by Anne for a friend, using Fiberlicious Poison Rose and Shades of Grey.  I think the choice of colours was perfect.  It's stunning.  They are all pretty amazing aren't they?

Thank you for letting me share them ladies!

So, what have I been up to. Well, the first in Holmsey's Heritage Samplers has been finished and is home.  I think Holmsey's ancestors look very dashing in their 15th century outfits!

Stitched on 32 Count Murano from Chromatic Alchemy.

And, we are getting ready for our grandaughter's first birthday! She watches a show on baby tv and loves a giraffe and a hippo from it.  And of course bunny's as the first song her grandmother sang to her to stop her crying was the tale of Little Rabbit Foo Foo (written before foo became slang for something else!).

So, I made her a little bunny comfort blanket.

And a little (or not so little as it turned out) giraffe!

The hippo should be finished later today.  I hope she likes them!

Have a wonderful week everyone and I'll see you all on the 15th for gifted gorgeousness. Thank you for popping by!


  1. Wow! Some lovely stitching... I LOVE your holmsey sampler, it's adorable and whilst on the subject of adorable things....oh my goodness!!! Your bunny comfort blanket and giraffe are so so cute. Your were super quick at putting those together. Your granddaughter is going to love them!!
    Big smiles :)

  2. I loved stitching pumpkin party!
    Holmsley sampler is on my to do list, your granddaughter is going to have so much fun with the giraffe & bunny ����

  3. The Holmsey sampler is super! Lovely Stitchers Anon finishes from others. Your granddaughter is going to love her giraffe and bunny blanket.

  4. Such lovely little gifts for your little princess... hasn't a year gone by so quickly. Wising her a wonderful Happy Birthday - hope you have a wonderful time with the family.
    Well done to your stitchers on their lovely finishes.

  5. Simply one word: AMAZING! The stitching, girrafe, bunny - just perfect!

  6. Wow! Those versions of your designs are great--Stiletto is my fave! And the Heritage chart is going to be well received I betcha! What a great grandmother you are, making those two cute gifts for the baby. And a Hippo is next!! It is hard to believe she will soon be one year old!! Big Hugs!


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