Wednesday, December 16, 2015

2016 Christmas Card Exchange

Thank you to everyone who has showed an interest in the 2016 Christmas card exchange.

Let's make it official shall we?

The rules are that you send a Christmas card, with a hand made ornament. These ornaments can be from any craft at all, but should, within reason, fit within a Christmas card.  I know what we are like, so you can be loose with that rule and use your own judgement.

So, knitting, crochet, cross stitch, embroidery...anything and everything!
All ornaments need to be posted between the  1st and the 5th of December.  This way I'll have time to deal with missing ornies and postal issues.

You have two choices. 

Option A: You can choose to post to just one person, who will send back to you

Option B - You can choose to post to up to 12 people, and they will post to you.
So that is one ornie for every month.

All you have to do now is email me here;

In your email can you give me the following information.

Name and Address
Which Option, A or B
Email address
Blog address

I will put names and blogs up in the sidebar.

Phew...Happy stitching!!

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