Sunday, September 20, 2015

Rotation organised!

Hi everyone.  Everything is going well.  I 've worked out what my rotation charts will be and the order of stitching them.

Here is where I am with each of them with the new starts, and I have joined in with Gifted Gorgeousness as an extra incentive!

Week 1

Week Two

Week Three
Week Four
Week Five

And me being me, I have altered all the colours and the fabrics. I'm going to be using mainly Victorian Motto Sampler threads. They are my favourite.  They are smooth, and so easy to use..and you get much more thread compared to the usual dyers, Week dye, Cresent colours etc.  And I've never had an issue with threads tangling.  I loooooove them.

I will leave you now, to try and find gadgets to add to the blog to record my progress (another incentive to keep me going) but before I go, here is some baking I did this morning. I feel much better now so had to catch up with packed lunch supplies.

 The cookies have melted chocolate put over the cherry so they don't look like boobies!

Roly the lab should have been in the garage with hubby but he always knows when  I'm cooking so feels he has to position himself so I don't forget that he is there should there be any leftovers or scraps. The other dogs were more sensible and stayed out of the rain!

I made one gammon, one roast chicken, two large lemon drizzle cakes, lemon drizzle muffins, ginger cakes with home made stem ginger and chocolate and marschino cherry and chocolate cookies!  I froze some of the cookie dough as an experiment, and most of the cakes are going in the freezer for packed lunches.

I'm a happy bunny now. I love cooking.

I've got lots of new designs being stitched at the moment but these two will be released tomorrow.  Holmsey and Fergus with beads!  Yay!

 I just have to work out what I'm going to do with them!

Have a great week!


  1. Yummy....nice cake baking.
    You are organised, lots of stitching updates to follow in the coming weeks.
    Holmsey would make a nice candle wrap for the festive season, something a little different, as he likes to be inventive....

    1. I had to look up candle wraps lol...and then chickened out xx

  2. Glad to hear you're feeling better. Your rotation looks great! I find a weekly rotation much better than a daily one - hopefully it will work for you.

  3. Oooh loving that your so organised. And what a great idea to rotate in weeks, I should do that! I too love Nancy's threads, they are lovely to use.
    And good news that your feeling better, small steps :)
    Oooh cooking, baking.... You make such yummy things, wish I was your neibour!
    Wonderful new festive designs :)
    Smiles :)

  4. I love your idea of rotation weeks, now that might just work for me!

    Nothing like getting freezer organized, it saves so much time :-)

  5. Good choices for your rotation.
    I think choosing a weekly rotation is so much better, gives you enough time to work on your lovely projects.

  6. Great choices for your rotation! I rotate projects but just a "stitch on what you feel like today" kind...unless I have something that needs to be done on a deadline. You'd think I'd never finish anything but I find that by stitching that way, I get a lot done. When I finish more than one thing in short succession, it feels like I hit the lottery.

    1. I wish I had your will power..I spend to long trying to work out what to stitch that I run out of time lol

  7. Oh I love the projects that you chose for your rotation and I'm sure that you will get a lot done on them. I also try to stitch on my big projects on a weekly basis, but I'm not as organized as you are :)

    1. It's only my first week lol: I will have to wait and see if it will keep me organised xx

  8. ... and I hope that you are feeling a lot better by now.

  9. Lovely projects for your rotation.

    I had to smile at Roly staring through the window in hope!

  10. Hi there! Looks like a good rotation... I cannot say I am that organized just yet... I made a list, but put it aside and did what needed doing... sigh... You are quite the cook too... made me hungry! Thanks for sharing! Hugs!


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