Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Hare Hop!

Hello everyone.

Thank you for your kind words regarding my bad week.
Did it get better? Well that would depend on your perspective.

I'm laying in bed with tonsilitus and a chest infection, so that could be construed as my week not getting any better, however, I have lay here sorting out the yucky admin side of work that I've been putting off and it is now all done with, so yes, my week (and my desk) is seeing a postitive side to my illness.

I've had time to think, and I have 'thunked' this.
1.  I have loads of amazing charts bought and sent to me by kind, wonderful bloggers and it is about time I started to stitch them. I never get rid of anything given to me so it seems unfair to my friends to not stitch them.
I also have two WIPs which need to be finished!

Do you want to see what is in my stash?

Fleece on Earth by Silver Creek Samplers

Kringle's Crow by Threadwork Primitives

1797 Ship Sampler by Carriage House Samplings (will be reworded with Caister) I'm about a quarter of the way through this

My curves have shifted...a gift from a friend for after my boob surgery lol..bless her!

Three Petite Examplary by Ewe and Eye and Friend

I'm about a quarter of the way through this

Antique Bird Sampler by Elizabeth's Needlework Designs

 And a few more that I coudn't find photos off online or perhaps I'm ashamed to admit to, including It's a Wonderful World by The Sampler Girl and Dandy Dreams.  Not ashamed of owning the designs..just ashamed of how many charts I have unstitched!

As well as these there is an embroidery kit that I wanted to have a go at and a stumpwork kit which I'm determined to have a go at but that will have to wait until summer when the light is better.

I need to be stitching and not just for work.  So I need to find some balance, and include in that balance my crochet which I love, albeit in a novice beginners kind of way, and the designing.

So, although I've tried and failed before, this time I'm trying with determination and I'm going to work on a rotation system in the evenings.  It is quite exciting to be stitching something that isn't mine. Does that sounds a bit bizaar??  Well, we will see.

In the first round of the rotation will be the Ship Sampler,  Feathers and Friends and then I just need to choose two more.  Do you want to pick for me? Which two should join them?
And when I start them, will you encourage me and keep me going?  Thank you !!!!
And do I do one chart per week or per night??? I'm thinking per week right?

2.  I've also been thinking that I need to update my blog reading list and add people's blogs who I may have missed.  If you follow my blog and I'm not a follower of yours, well it just isn't good enough.  Please let me know so I can add you and include you in my reading list!
On a completely different note now,  Holmsey Hare has his very own facebook page.  It's somewhere he can go and hide when he needs a rest from Fergus.

I recently gave the group members a free chart, which they stitch and then pass on to the next person on their team.  Each time Holmsey visits a new home on his Hare Hop, he puts up a blog post and marks it off on a backpacking interactive map.

Holmsey has visited some amazing places and whilst all the finishes of the chart have been amazing and unique, I wanted to share some photos that arrived today.  A lovely lady invited Holmsey to visit her in Italy, and she not only stitched the chart but personalised it and made a bookmark and a....well, see for yourself!

I got permission to share her photos. It is just so amazing seeing someone create so much beautiful stitching from a single chart that I designed.  It has been one heck of a journey but wow..what a ride!

You can see more about Holmsey's visit to Italy here

Thanks for visiting.  I noticed that I can now reply to your comments on the blog, but I'm not sure if they are emailed to you or if they just show up on the blog..any clarity would be much appreciated, and I'm looking forwards to seeing what two charts should be added to my rotation!


  1. Lovely Holmsey finish! I think you should add a couple of the smalls you pictured; just to give you a break from the larger pieces.

    Sorry you are feeling poorly; I do hope you are on the road to good health soon!

    Robin in Virginia

    1. Thank you. I worked hard today so I can spend this evening kitting them up!

  2. Looks like Holmsey had a wonderful time in Italy, lot of lovely pictures on Chirara's blog to read about. The bookmark and scissor fob are adorable and her pillow exquisite.
    I like the sheepie chart, a fun stitch with the man in red not far away...
    Get well {hugs} xxx

    1. I think the sheepie chart is one that I'm going to start xx

  3. Have fun stitching all these lovely projects!! They deserve your attention :)

  4. Oh what fabulous projects you have going. Good for you! I know. I am slowly working my way through my gifted charts. Hugs and prayers for you!

  5. Wow.. that is one great collection of patterns! Hope you really feel up to stitching. When I get sick like that, my eyes and hands don't want to play. That nasty infection better get going soon!

    Grey Tail really got into the Hare Hop spirit!

    1. She did indeed! Makes me wish I could have gone with Holmsey lol

  6. Yes, you can and should work on some languishing charts! I just pulled a bunch of charts out of my stash to focus on... my WIPs just aren't cutting it! Ha!

  7. I'm so pleased that you are joining in with the GG SAL. You've linked on the main page but don't forget to link in on the September page with this post too.
    Replies to comments appear on your blog but not in emails to the commenter. So unless they come back to check they won't know you have replied. It is a useful way to reply to those pesky "no-reply" people and also to comments where you think everyone would like to see the answer.

  8. Sorry to hear you've been poorly but at least you've kept busy making plans! One day rotations have never worked for me. I work roughly to a week at a time but try to break off at a good point. ..where I've finished a border or motif for example. I think a mix of smalls and larger pieces will help you to feel you're making progress.
    Good luck - I'll enjoy cheering you on!

    1. Thank you. I'm determined this will work......hopefully lol

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  10. You do have lovely stash - thank you for sharing it. Hope you are feeling better soon. Good luck with the rotation - it's something that I just can't force myself to do!

  11. I hope you're feeling better soon.

    As for feeling guilty about your unstitched stash....just think of them as potential future projects. (That's what I tell myself about my ever-growing stash.)


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